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We’re Changing Digital Signage for Retail with Our Latest Installation

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You've probably heard NanoLumens discussing digital signage in the retail industry; growing a retail brand with signage and advertisements is not a new concept, but that doesn't mean that we can't take a new spin on it. NanoLumens has upped the ante in digital signage for retail stores with our latest installation. We partnered with Gridcast Media, Inc. out of Canada to create the most engaging storefront in Yorkdale Mall for Holt Renfrew, a high-end [...]

NanoLumens Expands to Oceania with Digital Place Solutions

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Thorley and Rubie of Digital Place Solutions will handle the NanoLumens brand in Oceania. ATLANTA, GEORGIA, October 30, 2013 – NanoLumens, the American-based designer and manufacturer of unique indoor LED digital signage, has partnered with Digital Place Solutions of Australia and New Zealand to expand its worldwide operations.  “We only work with the best, and that sums up the co-founders of Digital Place Solutions Gerry Thorley and Stephen Rubie for Australia,” said Richard [...]

NanoLumens welcomes NALIT Attendees for Dinner and Digital Displays

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Each year the National Conference of State Legislatures holds their Legislative Summit; this years Summit was held in Atlanta, GA, just a few miles from the NanoLumens Headquarters. State legislatures are made up of more than just political officials and representatives; behind every great state organization and state website you'll find a group of hardworking, innovative IT professionals, members of the National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT). NanoLumens invited NALIT officials to join us for [...]

Slate’s Roadshow for Growth: Next Stop, NanoLumens!

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With NanoLumens expanding, new visitors seem to come in daily; however, today we got a visit that is a little more exciting than usual, as it was from General Electric Capital and Slate Magazine while on their Roadshow for Growth Tour. NanoLumens was one of three companies in Atlanta, GA to be selected as a stop on their national tour. Their mission is to research and give middle market businesses a voice among the largest [...]


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Integrator Vertical AVTV is rapidly expanding its custom AV integration business by utilizing breakthrough products like NanoLumens® Design-Specific LED displays. ATLANTA, GEORGIA, May 9, 2013 — New York City is known for being on the cutting edge of technology, design and culture, so it is ironic that the most notable feature of the city’s stock tickers is that they all look like 1970s alarm clocks, displaying single-color text on a plain black background. Today, a [...]


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One of NanoLumens’ earliest customers installs a new 7.5-foot tall by 23-foot wide NanoSlim DS Design-Specific LED display above the entrance to its busiest convention hall. ATLANTA, GEORGIA, March 25, 2013 — On its busiest days, as many as 15,000 people make their way into Hall D of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. Now, thanks to a new NanoLumens NanoSlim DS Design-Specific LED Display, all 15,000 visitors can stay informed and [...]