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What is Moire?

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When you see a gorgeous, large format display for the first time (or the second, or the fifteenth, or the five hundredth) you may want to snap a photo or video. Unfortunately, more often than not, the display you see on your camera screen will differ greatly from what you see with the naked eye, as squiggling black lines appear where a crystal clear image before. What you're experiencing is the moire effect. What causes [...]

Shark Week showcases how to do digital content the right way

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We live in a world of soundbites. With TV shows broken up every 15 minutes by commercials, commercials changing every 2-3 minutes, and Tweets of 140 characters, the average person is looking for information and entertainment at lightning speed, and their attention span for your brand is no different. When it comes to connecting to your audience, your brand needs to be engaging and relevant, all at warp speed. A picture is worth a bit [...]

NanoLumens Finds A Better Way To Engage Commuters At New York’s Penn Station

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New NanoLumens® display monopolizes commuters’ field of view in North America’s busiest transit center. ATLANTA, GEORGIA, July 31, 2013 — Advertisers are constantly looking for new ways to capture and hold the attention of harried and hurried daily commuters, and nowhere is this more apparent than in New York City’s Penn Station, North America’s busiest transit center. To capitalize on the massive daily audience that passes through the station, CBS Outdoor turned to NanoLumens® to provide a [...]

DSE 2013 Preview!

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The trucks are loaded with our brand new NanoSlim DS Series displays and a few show favorites and they are on their way to Las Vegas for DSE 2013! Next week promises to be a great show. Make sure to stop by booth 1042, located right in the middle of the exhibit hall floor, to meet our team of display experts who are ready to help you create a remarkable visual experience for your brand. [...]

Energize Your Atmosphere with Large-Format Digital

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As we celebrate the turning of another year, resolutions are made and the opportunity for a “fresh start” is often in the forefront of our thinking. In retail, the New Year generally signifies new sales goals, new merchandise, and new looks designed to draw in new consumers. As the retail market continues rapidly evolving, and consumers are always seeking a more unique shopping experience; evolving demographics, modified shopping behaviors, and of course online shopping all [...]

NanoLumens® Comes To The Aid Of James Bond For Charity Screening Of “Skyfall” To Benefit Dignitas International

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Two NanoLumens® displays were used on the black carpet to welcome guests to the after-party of an advanced screening of “Skyfall,” the new James Bond movie. The screening was held to raise funds for Dignitas International. NORCROSS, GEORGIA, November 13, 2012 — It’s not often that a company can say that they came to the aid of James Bond, but that’s exactly what NanoLumens® did recently when two of its high tech NanoFlex™ 112” displays [...]