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4 Reasons Why Digital Displays are Taking Over Retail Signage

2018-09-28T12:11:35-04:00Tags: |

In today’s dynamic retail climate, traditional signage is no longer a financially responsible investment, since it frequently needs to be replaced and struggles to capture consumers’ interest when competing with more modern digital displays. Consumers need to be captivated, and digital displays –particularly of the LED variety- are increasingly proving to be the most effective means to accomplish that. Here are a few reasons why:


While traditional signage requires physical on-site updating and replacement, LED […]

Bed Bath and Beyond Wins with NanoLumens

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Too often, real estate development is only thought of in economic terms. While a property’s profit margin is certainly important, there are other factors that contribute to a building’s overall success. That’s why each year the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce recognizes development projects that not only enrich the borough economically, but also culturally and aesthetically. Winners are chosen across 15 categories, including community arts, adaptive reuse, and affordable housing. This year, NanoLumens played a key […]

The Rejuvenation of Madame Tussauds through LED Display

2018-10-01T10:55:10-04:00Tags: , |

There’s retail, and then there’s Times Square.

With more than 700,000 pedestrians passing through this over-amped, highly coveted corner of Manhattan real estate on the busiest days, it takes more than a sign to get noticed. For the world famous, 250-year old Madame Tussauds’ brand, not only was parent company Merlin Entertainment looking to attract more pedestrian foot traffic into the iconic wax museum, but it also wanted to freshen up the museum’s somewhat antiquated image. […]

The State of Retail 2017: Your Customer is Your Brand

2018-10-01T11:32:14-04:00Tags: , |

A central theme has emerged for the future of retail: Your customer is your brand. Bringing persistent personalization to life within the retail environment will be accomplished largely through the implementation of digital displays. New LED technology will free retailers to design unique customer experiences.

Digital Signage Delivers Shopper’s Buy-in

2017-01-30T07:28:22-05:00Tags: |

Some may recall the days when the only reason we went shopping was to buy something. How times have changed. Now we visit the shops for an “experience” – or at least retailers think we do – and boy do they give it to us. Tech-savvy consumers are coming to expect tailored content and retail experiences that match or surpass those online. This has seen tablet devices along with more experimental AV products such as ‘interactive mirrors’, virtual and augmented reality and internet-connected displays make it into retail outlets.