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NanoLumens Stays Bullish on Brick-and-Mortar Retail

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Despite two big names in retail —Macy’s and Sears—announcing plans to close many locations in 2017, Atlanta-based NanoLumens, makers of custom-built indoor and outdoor LED displays for a variety of markets, announces that it is increasing its commitment to the retail channel and has recently named Matt Nurre to the position of vice president of global retail sales to lead the company’s channel development programs. “The retail channel has emerged as a pillar of our long-term global growth strategy, and for good reason,” says Nurre. “While the traditional model of the stand-alone brick and mortar retail business is being challenged, the advent and widespread proliferation of digital technologies, anchored by a LED visualization solution, is opening the door to an exciting new kind of customer experience that is helping retailers around the world to reinvent themselves for a new generation of connected consumers.”

Bright Future Awaits Retailers Who Combine Digital Signage Technology with Design for Compelling Customer Experiences

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA, January 10, 2017 — Set against a backdrop of post holiday news from several brick and mortar retailers who announced plans to close hundreds of locations in 2017, NanoLumens today forecast a significantly rosier picture for those forward-looking retailers who integrate digital signage technology with design to create new kinds of compelling customer experiences. In fact, the industry leading manufacturer and marketer of indoor and outdoor LED visualization solutions is increasing its commitment to […]

NanoLumens Wins DailyDooh Gala Award for Retail Install

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The DailyDOOH Gala Awards is the LED Display industry's biggest night - a black tie event that recognizes excellence and promotes best practice in the industry. In it's fifth annual ceremony Thursday night, NanoLumens came away with the much coveted award for Best Overall Retail or Mall Experience.

Leveraging a ‘Pokémon Go’ strategy for digital signage sales

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dstA recent publication for systems integrators talked about how pervasive the mobile app "Pokémon Go" use is among the installers and systems designers. Who would have thought? Can we use that for a teachable moment? Let's consider the lessons of "Pokémon Go." While only at level 18 of the game, it has already taught lessons to be considered for selling. This is a "real environment" augmented reality game of preparing, while doing and learning, all in order to win — even when no one is certain of the rules and challenges of the game!

The Next Phase of Retail: The Impact of the Engaged Customer

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LED Display technology can be the means in which a retailer takes knowledge of a customer accrued through their online shopping history and leverage it in a retail store. LED displays can identify the customer or customers standing in front of it.

STORE OF THE FUTURE: Staying Relevant For The Evolving Shopper Journey

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The physical store has become just one among many touch points on a radically revamped shopper journey. The same forces that are making the distinctions between "omnichannel retail" and just plain "retail" disappear are already changing the ways that stores are designed, laid out, equipped, staffed and managed.