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NanoLumens® “NanoBar” Brings Real-Time Twitter Feed to Ben & Jerry’s New Flagship Retail Store in Tokyo, Japan

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NORCROSS, GEORGIA, June 20, 2012 — Ben & Jerry’s has a long tradition of breaking ground with inventive new flavors and monikers for their world-famous ice cream, so when the company decided to open its very first retail location in Japan, it had to be an innovative store, complete with the company’s first digital menu boards and a live Twitter feed display.

With such a unique and specific purpose, the Twitter feed couldn’t be displayed on […]

Using Digital Signage to Enhance the Retail Experience

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photo by jheffryswidâ on Flickr

Connecting with consumers is essential to the success of any retail business in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Traditionally, consumers use product and price differences as the key factors in choosing retail outlets. While these differences are important, buyers are increasingly affected by other factors such as the atmosphere of the purchase environment.

The term atmospherics is often used to describe the physical retail-store factors that can be studied and consciously […]

Three Basic Elements for Effective Media Messaging

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From ancient cave paintings and hieroglyphics to the modern-day advancements in interactive media, communication solutions have come a long way. With the various means and technologies used to distribute information nowadays, it is extremely important to understand how technology can be used as an effective tool to make communication easier and more efficient.

There are three basic elements for media messaging to be successful in an increasingly digital world:

Technology, Content, and an Audience. […]