Crisp, Clear LED Displays for Safe Rail Transportation

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Despite the many advantages to Positive Train Control, the technology is only as good as the displays in the command and control centers. Outside of providing for a safer rail transportation environment, LED displays can also improve the experience of rail travel for passengers, both inside the train and at the station.

Four Ways LED Displays Improve Passenger Experience and Increase Revenue at Airports

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aviation-prosLED displays also give airports the opportunity to help add flavor to the passenger’s experience. Most airports find it important to represent where they are. For example, Las Vegas might highlight gaming and entertainment, while an airport in Canada might highlight the great outdoors. Miami International Airport has a huge curved display that laces the baggage claim area, and it is decked out in bright tropical colors and themes. That innovative display clearly gives passengers the feeling of being in Miami.

Digital Displays: Improve the Airport Experience and Impress Passengers

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aviation-prosThe spring 2016 air travel season is on track to be the busiest ever, with passenger volume exceeding 2015’s peak by 3 percent. According to Airlines for America, 140 million passengers were expected to fly America’s airlines during March and April. That equates to 2.3 million people a day traversing through the nation’s airports – 2.3 million people who need to get to their gates, find the way to the restroom, grab a bite to eat, buy gifts and souvenirs for the family, and kill time between connections. And with airlines warning passengers to arrive at the airport at least two hours ahead of their flights, it’s a truly captive audience.The increase in passenger traffic combined with longer wait times is putting pressure on airports to up their game in terms of passenger experience. Airports are investing heavily in upgrading technology and experience, with a goal of trying to make average airline passengers feel like they are sitting in their living rooms instead of an airport lobby.