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The Internet of Things Digital Signage

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The Internet of Things has arrived, and its reach is expanding. In its increasingly common usage, the term “Internet of Things” refers to the network of every day physical objects, structures, and vehicles linked to and accessible through internet connectivity. Each has embedded within it the necessary and sufficient technology to communicate with the external world. It’s not just our phones, home devices, and cars that are synced to each other through an internet connection; the digital signage industry has also solidified its presence on the grid.

Digital Signage and Off-Axis Viewing

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When you wander into a Best Buy to check out a new television for your living room, you don’t make your decision simply based on how each screen looks when viewed straight on. You move around, you walk from side to side, and you do this because you know that once the TV is in your house, you want your family and friends to be able to see a high quality picture from a wide […]

NanoLumens Dismisses Claims Against Infiled USA, LLC and DetaiLED Solutions, LLC

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ATLANTA, GEORGIA, September 13, 2017 — NanoLumens, award winning creators of uniquely compelling interactive LED visualization solutions, and Infiled USA, LLC and DetaiLED Solutions LLC, providers of customized technology solutions utilizing LED displays, today announced they have reached a settlement to dismiss a patent infringement lawsuit. Although DetaiLED Solutions, LLC had displayed a flexible LED display model on its website, Infiled USA, LLC and DetaiLED Solutions, LLC demonstrated that they have not sold and agreed […]

NanoLumens Nixel Series™ Display Shines At Scripps Networks Interactive’s Knoxville Headquarters

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Leading lifestyle content developer for television and the Internet reinvigorates HQ lobby with state-of-the-art 6’ tall x 14’ wide 1.2mm pixel pitch NanoLumens Nixel Series™ LED display.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, August 12, 2017 — As a leading creator of engaging lifestyle television and digital programming, Scripps Networks Interactive knows the power of impressive visuals. So, when the company recently began to feel that the lobby in its Knoxville, Tennessee headquarters lacked a certain impact, sizzle or ‘wow’ […]

Words to the Wise for Those Creating Content In-House

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The effectiveness of traditional advertising is fading, and content marketing has begun to take its place. Modern consumers have no interest in antiquated marketing strategies anymore; what they crave is substance. The reason content is king is because it not only promotes the brand, but it tells –and sells- a story. Outsourcing content needs is the route many businesses turn to, but that option is not available for everyone. In-house content creation is by far […]

4 Statistics to Inform Your Digital Signage Content Strategy

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Content is the foundation of today’s most successful marketing efforts, but simply having content is not enough; businesses need to have a content strategy, too. An organized and well-documented approach is key to the successful execution of a modern marketing initiative. Cultivating an understanding of the current trends in display content can go a long way towards informing your content strategy, but often these trends are difficult to conceptualize without hard figures to provide context. […]