Why Choose NanoLumens?

At NanoLumens, we combine the world’s most powerful LED display platform with an unparalleled array of visual communication services to produce the world’s most engaging customer experiences – for you and your business. That’s bright thinking!



Nowhere is the brilliance of innovative thought executed more clearly than by today’s envelope-pushing architects and building designers. When it comes to designing installations that include digital displays, you are no longer confined to thinking in terms of big flat rectangles, because at NanoLumens we stand behind your creative ideas with LED display technologies that fit any size, shape or curve you can imagine.

Today you are free to embrace the digital display as an element of beauty, artistry, and form, which can be instrumental in achieving your overall atmospheric and experiential design goals. We deliver the impact you need to pay off your creative ideas with complete customization from the display logistics all the way to the particular size and shape or curve of the display, and that’s bright thinking.


NanoLumens America


At NanoLumens, we firmly believe you won’t find a better, higher quality group of designers, engineers or manufacturing team than right here in the USA; and that’s why our products are designed, assembled and supported here.

We don’t outsource our support or service, and all of our employees live locally and give back to our community. If you should ever have to call for questions or support, you will speak to people in our headquarters at our Norcross, GA facility. This is not only pride in country – it is our dedication to quality materials, craftsmanship, communication and American know-how, and this allows us to produce the best digital signage solutions on the market today.



Our six year, Nixel™ to Pixel Warranty backs your display all the way down to the individual LED. And we are the only ones who do. While Pixels may fail. We won’t. We provide you an industry-leading warranty because when you are truly serious about something, you stand behind it. We guarantee that we’ll hold up this end of the bargain, that is simply how we do business.

The NanoLumens Nixel™ to Pixel Warranty covers the entire display from corner to corner, including all parts and controller devices, sold by NanoLumens to purchasers, effective from the date of shipment. NanoLumens warrants that the display will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use as intended by NanoLumens for the entire warranty period.



Making an LED purchase is a significant decision, managing service and support is just as important. Do you have a solution for supporting your new system? Does you business require a service support system for hardware purchases? Do you have internal personnel or an integrator relationship for supporting your new technology?

At NanoLumens we take support seriously and offer a best-in-class SLA program that covers troubleshooting, authorized technicians and the change in electronic components, plus over the phone technology support.



NanoLumens Visualization as a Service (VAAS) is the next-generation technology renewal program that makes it possible for a business to finance an entire digital display strategy on a monthly basis, enabling customers to easily add upgrades and additional assets to an existing contract.

In fact, NanoLumens VAAS best-in-class program is designed to help businesses gain a competitive sales advantage with the latest technology while protecting against obsolescence. You can secure budget approval with ease, ensure predictable allocation, have the ability to spend working capital on strategic investments and preserve credit limits, as well as realize tax benefits, all while simplifying a complete display strategy into a one-stop solution – all through NanoLumens VAAS.




We work with the best and brightest in their industries and our clients include companies on the Fortune 500 and Forbes’ Global 200 lists from industries such as retail, broadcast, casino, digital-out-of-home, transit, sports and entertainment facilities, education, corporate offices, and property management.