Indoor LED Video Displays – Display Your Vision

Bring your space to life with LED digital display solutions from NanoLumens

NanoLumens’ indoor LED digital display solutions redefine what it means to “go digital”. Available in any  size, shape, or curvature, NanoLumens’ revolutionary display technology enables you to set your imagination free to create the ultimate digital experience for your audience.


NanoLumens I-X Center LED Displays

NanoLumens installed 22 large-format LED displays at the I-X Center, a 2.2 million square ft. convention center for the first-ever Pro Football Hall of Fame Fan Fest. Click the picture above for a detailed video.

LED Displays

Spring 2014 Brochure

Download our latest Product Brochure to see this season’s key installations and our newest LED digital display offerings.

LED Displays

Featured Installation

When Winstar Casino wanted to create a stunning visual experience to engage patrons and draw them into Casino 360, they needed the brightest possible LED displays –NanoLumens delivered.

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