In today’s dynamic retail climate, traditional signage is no longer a financially responsible investment, since it frequently needs to be replaced and struggles to capture consumers’ interest when competing with more modern digital displays. Consumers need to be captivated, and digital displays –particularly of the LED variety- are increasingly proving to be the most effective means to accomplish that. Here are a few reasons why:


While traditional signage requires physical on-site updating and replacement, LED signage content is customizable and alterable remotely. Content management systems are functional across an ever-expanding range of platforms, and as the technology advances CMS’s will only become more and more versatile. NanoLumens patented AWARE platform enables remote management and diagnostics at the touch of a button allowing for the enterprise management of every display in your NanoLumens network or LCDs from anywhere, on any device.

The cloud-based AWARE dashboard displays all of your critical digital signage data in any format for quicker decision making, increasing your ability to leverage your new or existing display networks to deliver on-target and engaging content. The capacity to control display content remotely grants content managers an immeasurable improvement in flexibility, and allows content to be updated in real time to keep consumers informed and engaged. It is imperative for signage to be topical, and the improving mobile management capabilities of digital signage are an invaluable tool for achieving that.


Another one of the great advantages digital signage solutions have over their static ancestors is their dynamic customizability. Not only are content managers able to rapidly change and update their digital signage content from anywhere in the world, but they are also able to fully customize the size, shape, and curvature of their NanoLumens LED display. Want an ultra-thin display that can hang from the ceiling? Or perhaps a curved display that wraps all the way around a column within your store? With NanoLumens LED displays, that choice is totally up to you.


The only action a consumer can engage in with static signage is simply looking at it. Nothing else happens. The signage doesn’t change, it doesn’t allow consumers to participate in the experience, and eventually it’s pretty easily ignored. All that is changing. With digital displays, consumers are able to take an active role in their own customer experience with signage that prompts interaction instead of eye rolls. NanoLumens LED displays are available with built-in cameras that can identify a consumer’s age, gender, and emotion. Through the AWARE platform, the information gathered by these built-in cameras can then be used to present the consumer with specifically targeted content that he or she can interact with immediately.

The most effective way to keep consumers engaged is to allow them to interact directly with the content in front of them, and though most LED signage solutions are not touchscreens, that should not be considered a limiting factor. A trending way to engage consumers without the use of touch is simply to encourage mobile interaction instead. Everyone has a smartphone after all, and content managers are increasingly using their digital displays to take advantage of that fact.


Social media integration into display content is relatively commonplace in the current retail environment, but NanoLumens displays take it a step further than most. Beacons within NanoLumens LED displays are able to recognize shoppers and showcase social media content based on their interests. Imagine approaching an LED display in a clothing store, having it identify you, and then having it display an image of you wearing a particular clothing item within that store, while highlighting social content from others who have made that purchase. Pretty cool, right? Consumers care what others are doing, and find value in the online opinions of peers and strangers. Social media is a prominent factor in nearly every consumer’s daily life, and businesses must take advantage of that to remain relevant. Digital displays increasingly allow content managers to include social content from customers in an entirely new way while also helping promote the social media presence of the brand itself.

The digital display industry is booming, but displays serve no purpose unless they are populated with great content. As businesses acclimate themselves to the blossoming potential of digital signage, it is imperative that they develop content strategies to keep up. Digital displays are increasingly manageable, customizable, and interactive, and content managers are beginning to understand the importance of social media integration. LED Display solutions are revolutionizing the retail space, and to avoid getting left behind it is vital to understand the reasons why. To learn more about digital signage in retail, as well as the ways in which NanoLumens LED display solutions can supercharge your business, check out our retail page.

~Matt Nurre
Vice President of Global Retail