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The Nanolumens AEC Special Project Group was built to tackle complex projects where there may not be an existing product fit. With a focus on ambitious applications, the Special Projects Group takes a design-and-build approach to challenging visualization problems.
Minimum Viable Product Study and Solution
A step-by-step process of collaboration
Establishment of a viable solution rooted in available and emerging technologies
Analyze the display solution to determine if it can be achieved through deviation or augmentation of an existing product offering
Proven Process. Pre-Contract thru Execution/Support
Concept Schematics, 3D Models, and Line Drawings
Pre-contract design development
Whether you’re working in Revit, Rhino, Sketchup, Solidworks, or CAD, we can develop models and line diagrams in interchangeable file formats
Expect quality and reliability for bespoke projects
Learn & Plan
BIM Families
3D models to help you build your project.
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Engage Pro
Engage NXT
The indoor cabinet display that delivers narrow pixel pitch for up-close-and-personal viewing at its absolute finest.
Nanolumens CLRVision gives you the transparent, mesh-based technology of our CLRVU series, for indoor installations to create high-impact visuals on the inside.
Integration at its finest. Nanolumens is bringing you a new software module built to work within the ISAAC® platform.
Our new mesh displays are created for the perfect view, inside and out of buildings, far away or up close and personal.
Engage Series
The ultra-slim and simple cabinet-based solution for indoor needs.
Nixel Flex
Indoor displays engineered for the perfect curve and mount-free fit.
Performance Series
Flat outdoor displays that can be customized in an array of shapes and sizes.
Nixel Outdoor
Curvable or flat displays that deliver unmatched brilliance, rain or shine.
Nixel Rigid
Flat indoor displays that can be customized in an array of shapes and sizes.
Captivate Series
The all-in-one display for effortless installation in meeting spaces. Now in 4K!

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