NanoLumens Complete LED Display Solution

NanoLumens introduces the Captivate Series; an all-in-one LED display solution. Captivate is the perfect

choice for any organization that is looking for cost efficient options with easy, no hassle integration.

The Captivate all-in-one solution provides simpler installation and user control.


Aimed at simplifying installation and easing user control, Captivate was designed and intended for any organization looking for an easy to integrate dvLED solution for Corporate Meeting Rooms, Houses of Worship, Higher Education Facilities, and much more.

Captivate is a complete solution that eliminates the need for additional components and eases the design and installation costs typically associated with dvLED displays. The series is available in three sizes, (120″, 150″, and 180″), and is in full HD resolution for exceptional visual performance, brightness, and clarity.

All-in-One Solution
2.0″ System Depth
UC&C Compatible
RS-232 Controls
>100,000 hours
Native HD Resolution

Simplifying Installation and User Control!

Exceptional visual performance, brightness and clarity, Captivate is the ideal solution for the board room or any corporate meeting space.  You have everything you need in one powerful package. Captivate eliminates the need for additional components and eases the design and installation costs typically associated with dvLED displays.

The Captivate Series is the perfect complement for any Unified Communications & Collaboration space; the built-in HDMI inputs make integrating common room hub systems fast and easy.  Installation in virtually any space is made simple by using the standard wall mount or an optional display stand for mobile applications.

Product Specifications for the Captivate 120″-HD, 150″-HD, and 180″-HD displays.


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Captivate 120-HD Captivate 150-HD Captivate 180-HD
SKU NLID-20004 NLID-20008 NLID-20009
Display Diagonal (W X H) 120″ 150″ 180″
Pixel Pitch 1.38 1.73 2.08
Overall Size (W X H) 105.44 X 64.18 in
2678 x 1630 mm
131.66 x 78.90 in
3344 x 2004 mm
157.89 x 93.67 in
4010 x 2379 mm
System Depth 2.0 in / 50.8 mm
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080
Weight 255 lbs / 115 kg 365 lbs / 165 kg 474 lbs / 215 kg
Max Brightness (standard) 600 nits
Viewing Angles 160 horizontal
160 vertical
Curvable No
Serviceability Front
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor
Input Voltage  120/ 208 / 220/ 240 VAC
Output Bit Depth 8-bit Standard (16.7 Million) / Up to 10-bit (>1 Billion)
Lifetime >100,000 hours
Qty 120 VAC Circuits 1 2
Remote Control Yes
Audio Yes
HDMI Inputs 3 (1 external, 2 internal)
Max Power (Watts) 2000 Max
900 Avg
3000 Max
1350 Avg
2900 Max
1300 Avg
Floor Stand Part # NLTK-10009 Special Order

Captivate is the perfect complement to premium Unified Communication Meeting Rooms. Easily use the *Logitech® Rally family of all-in-one video bars and modular conference camera systems with your Captivate display to set a new standard for video conferencing.

Developed with the integrator in mind, Captivate is easy to sell, install and source, and all at an attractive price point for your buyers. Explaining Captivate to your end users is easy. It’s available in three HD (1920×1080) screen sizes to fit almost any use case – 120”, 150” and 180”. These displays come standard with 3 HDMI inputs, Diverse Screen Presets (PxP), speakers and RS-232 Controls for all major control systems.

NanoLumens Captivate is the perfect choice for multipurpose spaces. Discerning buyers in Enterprise, Houses of Worship, and Higher Education will appreciate the dynamic image quality and scant 2.0” system depth, and Captivate delivers lower TCO compared with comparable 16:9 LED Video Walls built with standard 27” cabinets.

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*The Logitech® Rally family of all-in-one video bars and modular conference camera systems delivers the performance, installation ease, and device management tools you need to video-enable small, medium, large, and multipurpose rooms throughout the workplace.

About Logitech

A Swiss company focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs products and experiences that have an everyday place in people’s lives. Founded in 1981 in Lausanne, Switzerland, and quickly expanding to the Silicon Valley, Logitech started connecting people through innovative computer peripherals and many industry firsts, including the infrared cordless mouse, the thumb-operated trackball, the laser mouse, and more.

Since those early days, we have expanded both our expertise in product design and our global reach. For each of our products, we focus on how our customers connect and interact with the digital world. We keep design at the center of everything we create, in every team and every discipline, to create truly unique and meaningful experiences.

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