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Pro-Tek Protective GOB Coating

Available for Engage and some Nixel Series displays, Nanolumens Pro-Tek coating is the ideal solution to mitigate risk and address the challenges related to potential damage of your LED display.
Why Pro-Tek?
Today’s LED displays are used for many applications, many of which are in high-traffic areas like malls, airports and schools, where visitors are often tempted to touch and feel them to experience your content.' LED displays with higher resolutions (more pixels) require smaller LED package sizes to accommodate higher component densities. These packages do not contain plastic material, but are a fiber glass substrate with copper plating that are used to hold the LED diodes, wire bonding, and the lens which makes your high resolution LED panel extremely fragile. Pro-Tek is an epoxy coating used to cover the assembled board to create a strong finish, preventing the LED packages from being damaged from moisture, dust, and mechanical stresses. Pro-Tek can be formulated to be completely clear or tinted. Tinted epoxy is typically used to provide a better black in the display’s off state, increasing its contrast ratio.
Protect Your Display from Damages

Enhancing your LED display’s overall durability, optical performance, and protecting your investment in high-traffic areas.

Protect your dvLED display from collision damage to the front and edges of the display. Our epoxy covering makes displays highly resilient to accidental impact, providing an extra layer of protection to preserve LED pixels from external forces.
Fingerprints and Dust
Having a dvLED display in high-traffic, public spaces at ground level exposes your display to fingerprints and additional dust from people passing by or who want to interact with your display by touching it. With Pro-Tek, you can simply blow or wipe away harmful fingerprints and dust.
UV Damage
The epoxy covering used in Pro-Tek is UV-resistant, preventing degradation of your display due to prolonged sunlight exposure in outdoor applications.
Pro-Tek provides exceptional protection to your dvLED display from moisture in outdoor applications and humidity in extremely hot locations significantly enhancing its lifespan and overall durability.

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