ATLANTA, GA – April 9, 2021  One year ago NanoLumens named Ney Corsino as their new CEO. He promised to lift NanoLumens to new heights of technical and collaborative innovations through his leadership. His accomplishments during a very volatile year have proven him to be a profound leader.

Mr. Corsino is on-track in bringing several new innovations to the NanoLumens product line-up and go-to-market approach. He’s also aligned the NanoLumens team, making them more agile and polished, and leading them through COVID-19.

“It’s been incredible working alongside Ney to create a cohesive brand and responsive team. We genuinely appreciate his leadership style and his ability to optimize our offerings to adapt to this ever-changing market. We’ve listened to our customers carefully, and believe we’ve got a solid foundation for success based on their challenges and needs,” says Dave Merlino, VP of Sales at NanoLumens.

“I’m proud of our Nanolumens team, and of our outstanding products. Together we’ve pushed through a very tough first year and are poised to really capture more market-share. There’s an old saying from Carthaginian General and Statesman Hannibal circa 247-182 bc ‘We will either find a way or make one’. That is a bold statement, and I can completely relate that to what we’re doing here at NanoLumens. Our purpose has never been clearer, and we will continue on our path as a premier provider for creative immersive experiences while also establishing the company as a resource for traditional LED display solutions,” says Corsino.

NanoLumens serves the audio/visual design community with display solutions that provide creative freedom to transform any environment into an immersive and engaging experience. For more information about NanoLumens team and products please go to their website at


About NanoLumens

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, NanoLumens partners with clients to create uniquely compelling, interactive LED visualization solutions that take the guesswork out of owning a display network. As the fastest growing visualization company in the US, our experiential LED displays exceed the imaginations of global clients in retail, transportation, corporate, gaming, higher education, sports and arenas, and houses of worship. Through world-class proprietary technology, NanoLumens displays are ultra-thin and lightweight, energy efficient and available in any size, shape or curvature. NanoLumens solutions are proudly designed and assembled in the United States of America and come backed by an industry-leading six-year warranty. For more information, visit