Just as iconic film scenes extend their influence to audiences who have never seen the original movie, so too do indoor LED displays stretch their performance beyond the walls of their inside space. Audiences don’t need to have seen Star Wars to know that Darth Vader is Luke’s father nor do passersby of wide-windowed buildings need to step inside to be impacted by the dazzling LED visuals featured within. Corporate lobbies and prominent retail locations have taken advantage of this dynamic for years now. Walking through the streets of Chicago, passersby are taken by the visuals from indoor displays within both the Aon Center and the T-Mobile Signature store on Michigan Ave. The cosmetics retailer Innisfree uses their enormous indoor LED display in the same manner, driving outdoor traffic into the store and leaving impressions on those who continue walking by. Airports do this too.

Charlotte Airport LED Displays viewed from outside
Charlotte International Airport viewed from the outside.

Consider Interconnected, the enormous digital sculpture recently installed at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The piece consists of three separate LED videowalls that simultaneously broadcast ever-shifting visuals influenced by daily passenger and airport data. While these displays enchant travelers passing through the corridors of Terminal 1, they are also visible from the street outside. For those arriving for a future flight, the lights of Interconnected are a welcoming beacon, an inviting splash of color that prepares fliers for a warm experience before they even enter the building. For those leaving the airport following a completed flight, Interconnected is what bids them adieu, giving them a final image to take with them for the rest of their day. Even those with no plans to step foot in the airport that day can carry outdoor glimpses of the indoor LED signage with them. Cabbies, generous drivers dropping off or picking up their friends, and family members roped into an airport run as a favor are all able to catch sight of Interconnected when they swing through the curbside of Charlotte Douglas International. The displays live inside the airport, but their influence extends far past the concourse.

You may have never seen up close the mesmeric visuals of Interconnected, or the glamorous colors of the Innisfree display, or the immersive ceiling display within the T-Mobile Signature store, but if you’re reading this, you certainly know now, as you know of the buildings and businesses that host them. The same goes for daily passersby of these locations. The lesson here is that a display can do a lot more than you expect if you simply let it try. You don’t have to be inside to experience indoor signage, which is one of the things that makes LED so cool. Your audience and your reach are so much larger than you think! To learn how you can transform your signage, give us a call today!