Casinos advertise the kinds of glamorous experiences consumers can’t find anywhere else, so guests are naturally going to make that glamour the very first thing they confirm. To support this luxurious reputation casinos must keep pace with changing trends in interior design, architecture, entertainment, and gaming. One of the surging areas where entertainment destinations of all kinds are investing serious attention is in their LED display technology. Sports stadiums, convention centers, hospitality venues, transportation hubs, and retail destinations each make use of LED display technology in ways that casinos can learn from. Following their example, a number of casinos have begun to integrate LED tech into their space with the help of creative manufacturers like NanoLumens and their network of trusted integrators. The range of utility a casino can extract from LED display technology is vast and the casinos that best take advantage of it will have a dramatic edge on their competitors for years to come. One area in specific where a casino can utilize LED technology is on their gaming floor.

Casino Floor Digital Signage“Unable to outshine the vibrant games….progressive meters built with LCD technology fail”

Perhaps the greatest allure of a casino is the opportunity to win money, and key to inspiring this appeal is showing guests exactly how much they stand to win. Casino floors have traditionally done this by installing LCD meters to track and display the growth of potential winnings. These meters are tasked with shining brightly enough to stand out amidst all the surrounding glamour while not being so bulky as to detract from the overall aesthetic. As styles have evolved and casinos have integrated smarter and brighter lighting technology into their spaces, LCD technology has fallen behind. Unable to outshine the vibrant games beneath and around them, progressive meters built with LCD technology fail to accomplish the lone purpose they were designed for. A meter that blends in with its surroundings is a waste of money. For this reason, casinos are now opting for LED technology with their meter displays.

Replacing old signage with LED lets fans move more purposefully and efficiently

A use case in a parallel industry that can shed some light on progressive meter displays can be found in the concourses of sports stadiums. Similar in size and purpose to the progressive meters on casino floors, wayfinding blades in stadium concourse walkways are designed to communicate simple information that guests can spot from far away. Stadiums find that replacing static or LCD wayfinding blades with LED displays dramatically increases the distance from which fans can spot the blades and thus find their seating section. This lets fans to move more purposefully and efficiently, improving their experience and freeing up the concourse walkways for others. Transitioning your progressive meters to LED display technology will generate these same benefits for your casino floor. To find out more about how NanoLumens LED technology can transform your casino space, check out some extra information on our progressive meters!