Rail transportation in America isn’t important only for moving people from one place to another. It’s also big business upon which much of American industry relies. In fact, according to the Association of American Railroads, freight railroads support 1.5 million jobs, nearly $274 billion in economic output, and $88 billion dollars in annual wages. Rail is also green: transporting goods by freight can cut down on pollution, traffic, and fuel costs.

But, despite all the advantages of rail transport, the industry has been challenged by a spate of derailments and crashes, prompting the government to put new safety laws into effect in 2014. The federal government has mandated that all railways implement an advanced technology called “Positive Train Control,” or PTC. PTC is designed to stop accidents like train-to-train collisions, derailments due to high speed, and problems from misaligned track switches.  It also allows rail command and control centers to track all the trains running through their jurisdiction and even take over train operations should an emergency situation arise. Though the government’s deadline for implementing PTC has passed, only a staggering 10% of all American rail companies have met the goal.

Despite the many advantages to Positive Train Control, the technology is only as good as the displays in the command and control centers. PTC operators are put in situations that require split second decisions. And, to make the best-informed decision, they must have high quality displays that don’t lose data in a bezel or LCD frame. The lives of thousands of passengers, the surrounding communities, and billions of dollars in goods are at stake. And as America gradually transitions to high-speed rail, the need for the highest quality command and control will only continue to grow.

Outside of providing for a safer rail transportation environment, LED displays can also improve the experience of rail travel for passengers, both inside the train and at the station. Adding high quality LED displays in the cars and stations helps with emergency messaging, way finding, and passenger information. The presence of these displays also helps overcome the perception that rail travel is outmoded in America, and can help replicate the experience a passenger gets at an airport.

NanoLumens displays offer the crispest, clearest, most vibrant displays on the market. And, they are lightweight, energy-efficient, and can be made in any shape, size or curvature.  To find out how NanoLumens displays can improve your railroad’s safety performance and passenger experience, please click here.

Larry O’Hagan
Business Development Specialist