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Display Solutions for Federal C41 Systems

NanoLumens offers industry-leading visualization and display technology that allows you to empower any command center with a custom display. Our high-contrast video systems feature the smallest possible pixel pitch, giving leaders access to unprecedented level of detail in mission critical situations, and enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

Network Display Systems in Government
NanoLumens Brochure - C41 Systems

Why NanoLumens for Federal Systems?

For command and control centers across the world, NanoLumens is there for critical information when low resolution, bezels, and electronic failures simply won’t do.

An American Company With a Military Pedigree

Qualified for the Buy American Act and the Trade Agreements Act, NanoLumens is compliant with the Defense Security Service’s Certificate of Volatility for use with Classified Systems. Designed, assembled and supported in the United States, we are a natural fit for C41 systems. Our flexible, narrow pixel pitch digital signage is designed for tactical simulation systems, they are immersive, realistic and essential to mission critical decisions.

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