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Why NanoLumens LED Screens for Higher Education

Today’s students have come of age in the time of smart phones and tablets and expect nothing less than a fully digital experience from their college or university of choice.

LED screens for Higher Education


LED screens for Higher Education

Not Just For Sports Stadiums

From student unions and cafeterias to the historic or new buildings that make your campus one-of-a-kind, NanoLumens LED screens are smart and curvable, increasing student engagement and enhancing the entire educational experience.


Resources and Information

Indiana University

University WOWS students with new media digital solutions.

Phoenix College

Phoenix College upgrades Depression-era historic auditorium with LED.

Boise State University

College's Performing Arts Center goes digital to inform and entertain students.


Our LED Screens in Action



Our Clients on NanoLumens

The campus is a hub of interactive personalized and networked technologies that are designed to enhance every aspect of the learning experience. It was only fitting then that the building’s main lobby feature an information display that is as compelling as the technologies featured throughout the rest of the building.
Kerry Holling, WSU Chief Information and Digital Officer
The display is the first thing you see when you walk into our building, and it’s pretty amazing. There isn’t a single person who comes into the building that doesn’t say ‘wow!’ People are awestruck by the display hanging in our commons. It’s amazing. They are slack-jawed.
Jay Kincaid, Director of Facilities & Technology, Indiana University Media School
No other company comes close to offering the same combination of technology, customization, and warranty. Our new installation is expected to have a lifespan of 100,000 hours or 11 years, which ever comes first, and NanoLumens is guaranteeing this performance with its unprecedented six-year, zero defect warranty program.
Mike Poplin, Director of Technology Support and Media Services, Phoenix College
With NanoLumens we were able to visit the manufacturing facility in Atlanta, and speak with the product engineers, programmers, and company CEO to learn more about how NanoLumens solutions are being used in other projects. The company provided us with a great capabilities presentation and was able to show us the building blocks of the display that would be used in our project. Between the School of Business, the donor and myself, we all agreed that NanoLumens would be the best display for the long-term for the new University of Kansas School of Business.
Dan Nenonen, Architecture Partner, University of Kansas School of Business project

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