For travelers, few things are as universally berated as cramped and outdated airport terminals. For years, Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) has been emblematic of this frustration, consistently ranking among the least favorable airports globally. However, in a remarkable turn of events, Terminal A at EWR has emerged from its worn-out predecessor to claim the title of the World’s Best New Airport Terminal in 2024, as bestowed by Skytrax.

This astonishing transformation didn’t happen overnight. It’s the culmination of a visionary collaboration between project partners and innovative technology providers. With a project value of $2.7 billion, the revitalization of Terminal A stands as a testament to the power of forward-thinking design and cutting-edge technology.

At the heart of this transformation is the Digital Journey of Surprises, a bold initiative crafted by Nanolumens in partnership with Moment Factory, Electrosonic, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and Munich Airport International. This multimedia masterpiece was conceived to leave travelers with a timeless perception of New Jersey’s offerings, offering key touchpoints of the passenger experience from drop-off to take-off.

One of the standout features of the Digital Journey of Surprises is Nanolumens’ digital canvases, which boast over 63 million pixels. These expansive displays serve as portals to a world of information and entertainment, seamlessly blending into the airport environment while captivating travelers with stunning visuals and engaging content.

From the moment passengers’ step into the Departure Hall and are greeted by the Welcome Wall Banner—an awe-inspiring canvas spanning 230 feet wide—to the Security Information Displays that convey important safety information with striking clarity, every aspect of the Terminal A experience has been meticulously designed to delight and inform.

As travelers descend into the Retail Hall, they are met by the Forest of Firsts—a breathtaking tribute to the trailblazing essence of New Jersey. Comprising towering dvLED pillars that emulate a digital forest, this installation showcases the commitment to innovation and creativity.

Amy Chartrand, Creative Director at Moment Factory, sums up the essence of this transformative project best: “Whether New Jersey natives or international travelers, everyone who sets foot in Newark will feel the New Jersey spirit and learn something surprising about the state.” Indeed, Terminal A at Newark Liberty Airport is more than just a transportation hub—it’s a gateway to discovery and a testament to the power of innovation in shaping the future of air travel.

As we celebrate Terminal A’s well-deserved recognition as the World’s Best New Airport Terminal in 2024, let us also celebrate the spirit of collaboration and innovation that made it possible. The journey from worn-out to ultra-impressive may have been unexpected, but Newark Liberty Airport truly arrived with remarkable style.