Hospitality Guests Need Engagement. That Means Hospitality Industry LED Displays

Perhaps no industry is more reliant on outward appearance than the hospitality industry. All businesses depend to an extent on their appearance to drive revenues, but for those in the hospitality industry, appearance, ambience, and amenities are immediate focal points of a customers’ attention. The businesses in this industry are highly dependent upon consumers finding their venues attractive right away, but unfortunately for them, consumers’ interests evolve. What’s popular today might not be tomorrow, so hospitality venues need to make sure their spaces come equipped with the sort of technology that will engage audiences no matter what. In today’s age -and tomorrow’s- that technology is large-format hospitality industry LED displays.

Audiences Need Engagement. LED Display Tech Provides It

Consumers’ expectations are rising. If one venue doesn’t have the display tech they need, they’ll find a different venue that does. This is true for both the partners of venues like groups booking a space as well as for guests of these groups. The demands of these groups work in concert: event hosts need display tech because event guests expect it. And because event hosts need display tech, event spaces need it, too. Display tech often won’t be the sole reason someone comes to an event or chooses a particular event location, but it certainly contributes to the experience. At larger hosting venues like convention centers, arenas, and museums, display tech is in fact integral to the entire experience. For many young people, the concept of a professional sports or entertainment venue without state-of-the-art display tech is completely foreign. Their experience of watching a game in person is incomplete without the ability to watch replays on the jumbotron, just as a concert experience is lessened without flashy display tech to complement the music. The equation is simple: guests expect display tech, which means hosts will demand it, thereby necessitating that venues provide it.

Multipurpose Functionality is Critical

The first thing a hospitality venue is going to need from a piece of display tech is versatility. These sorts of venues host a wide variety of events and each event will bring unique demands. They’ll need a piece of display tech that they can adapt to these changing demands. Obviously any sort of display tech can have its content altered to fit any event, but beyond that baseline level of malleability, LED tech in particular provides the integration flexibility others do not. The displays manufactured by NanoLumens can be built in any shape, size, or curvature, which means they can be installed seamlessly almost anywhere. That’s a crucial selling point for the hospitality industry, since the sizes of businesses in this field range from massive professional sports arenas to smaller, intimate wedding venues. The needs of these places are of course going to vary widely, just as the needs of their guests will, too. Prudent businesses in the hospitality industry should seek out integrators and manufacturers willing to work in a bespoke manner to provide whatever solution fits best each individual case. To see an example of how NanoLumens can outfit your hospitality venue with cutting edge hospitality industry LED displays, check out our work with the Las Vegas Convention Center.