An LED sign from NanoLumens is the best in the business. Just take a look at our large-format digital signage in Sao Paulo Metro, Hartsfield-Jackson International, Toronto Pearson International, JFK International, or Miami International Airport, where they are impacting travelers’ lives every day!

NanoLumens LED  Signs for Transportation

Today’s technologies are making it easier than ever to reach more travelers on any given day with relevant transportation information and advertising; giving you and your advertisers freedom and flexibility.

NanoLumens is the digital display airport leader, providing 5 of the top 10 global airports and transportation hubs across the globe with curved and innovative LED signs. From seamless video walls to double-sided displays lightweight enough to be suspended from the ceiling, our state-of-the art digital display systems can conform to the existing architecture of your building.

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NanoLumens is the digital signage leader in airports.

Fire-Retardant Nixel

Purpose-built for transportation hubs, our new display technology not only informs travelers, they meet or exceed European rail standards for heat release rate, smoke density, flame spread, and toxicity. Brighter, lighter, and safer, you can rest easy knowing your passengers are not only riding safe, but riding smart.

Confirmed by ILAC accredited labs, NanoLumens meets the following European Rail safety standards: EN45545-2 (ISO 5660-1) for Heat Release Rate, EN45545-2 (ISO 5659-2) for Smoke Density, EN45545-2 (ISO 5658-2) for Flame Spread, and EN45545 Annex C for Toxicity. Download the specs below.

NanoLumens’ patented Nixel™ technology is now the first LED display technology to meet certain specific European Rail safety standards for heat release rate, smoke density, flame spread and toxicity. According to NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope the certification comes at a time when the company is expanding its footprint in the transportation industry. Read more details here.

Ramp Information Display Systems

With simple shipping and easy installation, Airlines can now present high-quality digital information to gate and crew personnel with full color, outperforming similar models in reliability and quality, and at a price point that is accessible to everyone.

Download specs for our new Ramp Information Display (RIDs) visualization solution below:

Reader Board

Reader Board

With their small size and flexible configuration, you can create the “wow” factor in any room. From digital name plates to a social media wall, you can bring the right amount of flair to any corporate space or retail location with our revolutionary Reader Board technology.

Download specs for our new Reader Board visualization solution below:



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