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Check out the latest LED Display Product Specifications and BIM Models available for our unique NanoLumens LED display solutions showcasing our patented Nixel™ technology!

Engage Series™ Indoor

High resolution at its finest! Captivate your audience like never before with our slimmest, most vibrant product: the Engage™. This series is the ideal solution for any area where crisp images and close-up viewing are required, and it’s backed by our industry-leading, six year warranty. The Engage™ Series was created with our customer in mind. Engage™ displays feature the lowest pixel pitch range of any NanoLumens® product: from 0.9mm to 2.5mm. Unlike traditional displays which are heavy and difficult to support, Engage™ Series displays can be installed and front or reared serviced, and require no fans or air conditioning. Invest in vivid, cutting-edge LED solutions and see your messages shine!

Nixel Series™ Indoor

Transform any environment into an experience with a NanoLumens® Nixel™ Series display. Digital signage captures attention more effectively than static images and offers countless opportunities for presenting a continuous stream of images, videos, and more. Our crisp, vibrant LED displays can be built to suit any size, shape, or curvature, allowing you to activate any space to promote your brand. Our industry-leading technology defies limitations, enabling you to engage your audience like never before. With pixel pitches as low as 1.56mm, NanoLumens® Nixel™ displays can provide space efficiency, increase advertising ROI, and minimize environmental impact.

Nixel Series™ Outdoor

Heat, wind, rain … NanoLumens® Nixel™ Series outdoor displays stand up to it all! Bring the stunning clarity of indoor LED signage outdoors and take advantage of countless new opportunities to capture your audience with bold images and videos. Our technology defies limitations: vibrant LED displays shine bright, even in full sun. Displays can be customized to suit in any size, shape, or curvature. The Nixel™ Series offers the highest resolution display for outdoor on the market! Nixel™ outdoor displays are easy to install and maintain; there are no fans, filters, or air conditioning, eliminating the need for rigorous maintenance. Let us help you transform any environment to reflect your brand!

Performance Series™ Indoor

Performance Series™ displays marry cutting-edge technology with exceptional value. Easier to assemble than the leading competitor’s model, at an affordable price point, Performance Series™ will transform the way you engage audiences. At only 4 inches deep (approximately 101.6 mm), our ultra-thin displays are available in any size with pixel pitches of 3, 4, 5 6, and 9mm. Unlike similar products that can take months to ship, Performance Series™ displays require no lead time and can be implemented quickly.

Performance Series™ Outdoor

Performance Series™ outdoor displays are designed to outperform similar models in reliability and quality, at a price point that is accessible to everyone. At only 4.5 inches deep, displays can be front or rear installable/serviceable and are available in both 8mm and 10mm pixel pitch, making them ideal for any environment.  The Performance Series™ stands up to all types of outdoor conditions without the need for internal environmental controls. Displays feature the brightest whites and darkest blacks, a contrast ratio superior to the leading competitor’s model. Displays require minimum lead time for shipping and installation.

Nixel Series™ Progressive Meter Displays

Transform your tired old progressive signage into an eye catching display with a NanoLumens® Nixel Series™ Meters. LED meters are brighter and capture the players’ attention more effectively than standard LCD displays. Our crisp, vibrant LED displays can be found in signage over slot machines and in the top box of the slot machines to draw attention to progressive jackpots and other gaming promotions. So whether you’re looking to upgrade an aging or antiquated sign meter or installing a new LED display to increase bank visibility & handle, NanoLumens has the display technology and graphic options needed to optimize your games’ performance.

DIU Spec Sheet NanoLumens

The DIU (Display Interface Unit) Specifications

NanoLumens LED displays are designed to work with your content management system, giving you ease of use and peace of mind. Our DIU (Display Interface Unit) is a 2U 19″ rack mountable device offered with one-to-one (pixel to pixel) formatting. A scalar is optional. Here’s some more information on our compatibility:

  • Display Connection: DVI or HDMI input from NanoLumens Display Interface to NanoLumens display (max length 300ft). Fiber-Optic connection upgrade available.
  • 2 Interface Inputs: DVI-D, HDMI

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