On March 8th Todd Allen Green, Global Manager – Airports & Transportation for Nanolumens, collaborated on a panel discussion for LAVNCH Week’s Digital Signage Day called “Planes, Trains and Digital Signage.” We had the great opportunity to share our expertise on integrating digital signage displays into airports and transportation authorities.

During our interview with Megan Dutta from LAVNCH Code, she asked panelists what trends they were seeing in transportation digital signage. Here are some thoughts we had to share, a recap of trends, and how Nanolumens collaborates to create an engaging positive customer journey.


1. Multiple Digital Signage Touchpoints

Communication from drop off to take off is key in the customer journey at airport terminals. There are many “ID’s” in and around the terminal that need to effectively communicate across the facilities. Below are just a few of the “ID’s” that Nanolumens has created special solutions for:

  • Flight Information Displays (FIDS)
  • Gate Information Displays (GIDS)
  • Lobby Information Displays (LIDS)
  • Ramp Information Displays (RIDS)
  • Pilot Information Displays (PIDS)
  • Baggage Information Display (BIDS)
  • Security Information Displays (SIDS)
  • Security Queuing Information Displays (SQuIDS)


2. Digital Signage is no longer static

Digital signage displays have taken on a more dynamic effect in airports around the world. Gone are the days of static signage. Now displays offer customer journey-based content to communicate directions, menu’s, wayfinding/navigation, advertising, security, and operational signages. All are strategically placed to create a positive customer experience.


3. Partner with Nanolumens

One question that came up during the session was about who and how to partner with Nanolumens. Whether you’re an architect, designer, consultant, end-user, content creator, or integrator – they key is to bring us in as early as possible to develop a program that makes an impact and stays on budget.

For us, it’s about listening and understanding what’s needed for customers, the facility, and stakeholders to bring a solution together. Airports and Authorities no longer see digital signage as a “nice to have” element, but rather a “must-have”. We consider digital signage displays to be contextual – meaning they are strategically placed in the right place, and at the right time. We need to understand the environment and all the complexities of how business is done for a positive digital customer experience to occur.


4. Longevity and tech refreshes

Beyond accessibility and experience, stakeholders and digital signage partners must collaborate to ensure the integrated experience will be a lasting one. Unlike other sectors, technology refreshes for airports tend to happen every 8-10 years, so the technology has to last in these mission-critical 24/7 facilities. Working with a trusted vendor, like Nanolumens, means we take all those factors into careful consideration to ensure the longevity of the displays. We’re a reliable partner because we really try to understand the customer journey and then plan for innovations that enhance the CX for years to come. Likewise, vendor components should be carefully procured to ensure they are compliant to use in facilities.


5. Trends and takeaways 

Another question we often get asked about are the trends we see in airport digital signage. We are seeing a lot of large videowalls with welcoming messages to passengers. Likewise, we’re being asked to engage customers and set the mood with dynamic and interactive displays. Also, signage that creates a sense of place, and that distracts and calms passengers during the security process are also strategies many authorities are utilizing.

Signage can also showcase digital art so create a calming environment as passengers wait to board flights. We are also seeing many considerations for personalized passenger content using beacons and triggers to inform passengers of wait times, gate information, and more.


Thank you to LAVNCH Code for the opportunity and dialog on Digital Signage Day. We enjoyed the conversation and look forward to collaborating. Watch the entire session on demand here.