Refik Anadol is a prolific digital artist that uses LED displays and projection to create mesmerizing data sculptures. His medium varies from project to project, but he’s best known for transforming architectural spaces into live immersive masterpieces. His portfolio of work includes interactive AI projects that showcase the meaning behind being human in the age of machine intelligence and are truly spectacular.

NanoLumens has the honor of working on projects alongside Refik and his team. The award-winning Interconnected CLT artwork, featured at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and the recent project is both extraordinary projects by Refik utilizing NanoLumens products. His projects are always very site-specific, architecturally integrated, and executed with technology to create immersive experiences. Refik often uses data to explore the perception of time and space and expressions of how machines govern people’s daily lives.

For the Interconnected CLT artwork, Refik created a seamlessly integrated digital artwork that reflects the movement and traffic of the airport. Anadol’s digital sculpture Interconnected runs 24 hours a day in Concourse A on the three NanoLumens displays, constantly regenerating mesmeric waves of visuals influenced by airport data like arrivals, departures, and other passenger details. Anadol commented, “the artwork being displayed is constantly changing and evolving as it responds to the ever-changing flow of data, creating a living snapshot of the invisible patterns that surround us as we travel.” This mesmerizing digital art piece is ever-changing and helps passengers as they move through the terminal to their destinations. Passengers may not know that they are represented in Refik’s artwork, but they are an element incorporated into this remarkable digital canvas.

Dyson & Womack for CARB project (California Air Resources Board) is another amazing art project by Refik Anadol. The 10’x10’ 2.5mm Nixel™ display is installed above the elevator to greet visitors in the lounge. A stunning display of digital art by Refik featuring morphing floral designs graces the reception area. Refik’s use of color is truly spectacular and offers patrons an inspirational view.

Refik’s body of work is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. And although it’s a projection-based project, one of my favorite Refik works is the Walt Disney Concert Hall titled “Dreams”. As a Southern California native, I made the drive out to Los Angeles one night to get the full effect of the week-long art installation. Using machine algorithms from the LA Philharmonic archive, Refik digitally paint scraped the outside façade of the Disney Concert Hall with content evoking synergy between art and technology, and the sweeping architecture of the building. Perfectly timed with a musical selection from LA Philharmonics concerts, the digital artistry and use of technology left me speechless. As a self-proclaimed AV Nerd, I couldn’t help but try to grasp how he pulled it off. I recall reading as much about the project as I could find after experiencing it in person to better understand his use of technology. To this day, I’m a huge fan, and can’t wait to see what Refik will do next!

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