With many students having experienced hybrid and remote learning, it is no wonder that many schools and universities are gradually shifting to this setup. Not only has the education sector realized the value of technology, but students are also gaining a better learning experience.

Unified Communications and Collaboration or UCC, is technology and software that integrates communication with real-time and asynchronous collaboration capabilities. This helps in increasing productivity, connection, all through a single interface.

The value of UCC in education

Just like in other industries, UCC has proven to become beneficial when properly utilized. The use of 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratio displays, help create an immersive and more collaborative experience because of the ultra-wide viewing angles and immersive displays.

These days auditoriums and stadiums also use these ultra-wide displays to allow fans to watch in its vivid imagery. And with the rise in college esports, LED displays enhance the student engagement, bringing seamless viewing and player experience and clearer color reproduction.

The wider UCC displays help faculty hold live classes, enable whiteboarding for professors and students through audio or video conferencing, and instant distribution of documents and learning materials.

According to recent studies, about 82% of students say that they prefer some type of remote learning especially when they have experienced doing it at home. Many students are eager in continuing to have distance learning because they feel it is more beneficial for them and allows more flexibility.

But aside from online learning, UCC enables real-time campus communications which are designed to approach IT infrastructure as an investment and provide better interaction with parents, students, and professors.

Advanced messaging systems enhance parental engagement and community involvement, while IP conferencing and collaboration programs promote interaction and communication among teachers, students, and the community, allowing collaboration from anywhere at any time.

UCC Solutions provides schools with ubiquitous access to campus communication regardless of device or location, enabling feature-rich communication with mobile staff members like campus security, IT support, and administrative professionals.

But most of all, the use of UCC is highly appealing, especially for those schools with budget constraints. By reducing high communication costs and removing capital expenditures, higher IT infrastructure standards are achievable for educational institutions.

Our partnership with higher education

We believe that providing a better university experience helps not just empower professors but also their students. Nanolumens has successfully partnered and collaborated with different colleges and universities in different locations through the years.

And with the increasing demand for integrating hybrid education, our goal is to provide a unique, efficient, and collaborative learning experience to our partners using high-quality LED and ultrawide display screens.

We provide a complete solution with experts that can help you design your custom display successfully. Find out more here.