US Army Reservist Joins Nanolumens

Carolyn Hayes

US Army Reserves Prepared Her For Rigors of NanoLumens Project Management and Customer Experience

How does Teela McGehee find work-life balance while being a full-time mother, serving our country as a US Army Reserves Major, and as NanoLumens’ new Vice President of Customer Experiences? Read more about her amazing work ethic and the similarities she finds between her work at NanoLumens and as a Reservist…

The hot, dusty corners of rural Central Texas may not seem to have anything in common with the sleek, stunning displays in the airport in Fort Myers, but it depends on what you are looking for.

When I look at these pictures, I see hard work, detailed planning, passionate leadership, high stakes environments, calculated risk, and professional execution.  But most of all, I see two shining examples of a rewarding customer experience.

My name is Teela McGehee and I am a lot of things. I am a mother of two wonderfully challenging and adorable children and a wife to a loving husband. I am an active-duty combat Veteran and a newly promoted Major in the US Army Reserves. I am a lifelong learner, an avid reader, and a decent cook. I am also the new Vice President of Customer Experience at NanoLumens.

When people find out about all of the roles I fill, the first question I get is to find out my secret to balancing everything. The answer is usually disappointing because honestly, I don’t balance it all. This is not an answer people expect to hear from someone who appears to be successfully doing a lot. My secret is in the way I analyze and prioritize each task I have. Whether it is a convoy live fire with my troops, playing nerf wars with my kids, or laying out the phased installation plan of 110 displays, each task has a desired outcome and an infinite number of ways to get there. The best path can be found by listening to the expectations of my partners.

My partners’ expectations serve as a beacon to guide my decisions. In a world where everyone is overwhelmed with work and life and all the things that come with those, not every task will get done on time or correctly. By truly connecting with my partners and understanding what is important to them, I can navigate dynamically complex projects in a way that not only achieves completion but assures the partners that their voice is heard, and valued, through the entire process.

I am passionate about forging a connection with customers. I leverage that connection to make sure I fully understand the needs, expectations and concerns they may have, and then I work diligently to address them throughout the customer’s journey. NanoLumens has always stood by our products and provided one of the best warranties in the industry. Now we are taking it up a notch with an all-star customer experience team comprised of Sales Engineers, Project Managers, Field Engineers, and Service and Support Specialists. My team and I look forward to listening to what dreams you have and working to exceed them.

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