Drawing maximum fan attention amid the excitement of live sporting events can be challenging. NanoLumens’ large-format video screens utilize patented LED technology to deliver bright, seamless, high-resolution messaging in virtually any shape, size or curvature, driving vendor and sponsorship revenue. Ensuring your partners get the exposure they demand while engaging fans maximizes your ROI.

Why Video Screens for Sports & Arenas?

Video Screens elevate the spectator experience, while boosting the venue’s bottom line through increased advertising revenue. For sporting venues looking to create a better fan experience and drive extra revenue opportunities, awe-inspiring LED displays from NanoLumens deliver.

Winning teams worldwide have utilized NanoLumens for hanging concourse signage, seamless video walls, court-side advertising, scoreboards and hall of fame exhibits. We deliver solutions to ensure your message lives up to the excitement of the game itself.


Along with the industries most advanced LED displays, NanoLumens also has enhancements to compliment your digital screens.

NanoLumens Engage Series

TRUE HD: Engage Series™ Displays

The world is rapidly moving to high definition everything, and as visualization technologies get larger, higher resolution is required to exhibit the full complexity and range of the content. Our computer displays already deliver on true HD, making content creation for the everyday marketer a breeze. Plus high resolution video is becoming less expensive and easier to create. The world is demanding True HD and the NanoLumens ENGAGE Series™ delivers on the request.

With pixel pitches ranging from 0.9mm – 2.5mm pixel pitch our Engage Series™ displays bring true HD and 4K requirements to market with ease, flexibility and the color and clarity you have come to expect from NanoLumens.

Cox Hospitality was recently awarded the contract for communications at the Las Vegas Convention Center and sought for a platform to manage the existing digital display network. They were also updating their main lobby and executive conference room in their Atlanta headquarters. In both instances, Cox Communications chose NanoLumens for their visualization solution needs. Read more by downloading our case study.

In a piece on giant 8K direct view LED displays, the description of 8K was somewhat off the mark, since marketing of indoor LED has so far been almost exclusively focused on pixel pitch, the increasingly narrow gap between LED lights on the displays. NanoLumens added a clarifying comment to that does a terrific job of explaining how resolution comes into play in LED screens.

The Engage™ Series was created with our customer in mind. Engage™ displays feature the lowest pixel pitch range of any NanoLumens® product: from 0.9mm to 2.5mm. Unlike traditional displays which are heavy and difficult to support, Engage™ Series displays can be installed and front or reared serviced, and require no fans or air conditioning. Invest in vivid, cutting-edge LED solutions and see your messages shine!

Cinema LED Displays

TRULIFE™: Cinema Quality Visuals

Since the dawn of time, mankind has worked to capture, save and display images of their lives. At NanoLumens, we understand that displays as big as life can help to make them a story well told; and that is why we work every day to bring the truest images to life with the TruLife™.

NanoLumens’ TruLife™ is the visual performance evolution of Direct View LED displays to meet and then exceed the image quality created from today’s best systems providing for perceptual results that more closely represent natural images from our lives; and it is available on all NanoLumens displays.

Having taken the lead with the development and installation of its first Direct View Cinema LED display three years ago, NanoLumens, award-winning creators of uniquely compelling interactive LED visualization solutions, predicts cinemas represent the next great channel opportunity for Direct View LED displays and called upon the entire industry to collaborate to create an unprecedented in-theater experience for movie goers. According to NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope, the company installed its first Direct View Cinema LED display nearly three years ago at the Telstra Corporate Experience Center in Sydney, Australia and has been actively advancing the technology of cinema displays ever since.

The largest impact in creating true-to-life images over the past 20 years has been resolution. These changes have occurred in the home with television and computers as well as at the theater. We have all experienced the increasing trend in resolution improvements for both digital cinema converting from film to enjoyment in our home television. We have also moved from DVD standard resolution to HD (2k), and today to UHD (4k) and have seen demonstrations of soon to be available 8K systems. As amazing as the eye performs, it will have a difficult time seeing more value from >8K. But everyone must realize there is more stimulation the eye can sense, and it is imperative that we as an industry provide that greater stimulation; taking advantage of sensory systems and the true-life of the display. Read more.

NanoLumens Aware Streaming Art

Digital Streaming Art via AWARE®

Spaces of all types can benefit from this affordable and versatile content solution available through the AWARE portal. Through our partnership with Loupe, NanoLumens customers can present virtually unlimited high quality art at a fraction of the cost of traditional prints.

NanoLumens AWARE® platform users can now stream Loupe’s content to display limitless, curated streams of contemporary art, atmospheric visuals and relaxing images. Read the details here.

All NanoLumens LED Digital Posts are enhanced with AWARE™, a hardware based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) display management ecosystem that gives you an unparalleled advantage in the digital world. AWARE combines your display diagnostics and support functions with content management services and a robust audience measurement platform giving you a complete view to effectively communicate with your audience. AWARE’s ability to integrate, augment and enhance incumbent 3rd party solutions, interactive content, live video feeds, and advanced sensors means your displays will remain as effective tomorrow as they are today. Read more about AWARE here.


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