Commercial real estate has seen the value of digital signage; corporate lobbies have gradually added more large digital displays to increase the value of their buildings and the way that visitors and residents interact with the space around them. While the adoption of digital displays into the lobby has offered commercial spaces more opportunities for engagement and revenue, now the need for large-format displays has moved beyond the front desk and into the conference rooms of the corporate offices within.

The last ten years have seen more and more companies moving towards open floor plans, telecommuting, international work forces, and eco-friendly spaces, and in a recent survey by Fortune, it was found that  “a whopping 81% of companies surveyed have already adopted an open-space floor plan” and were moving towards such goals. A NanoLumens display could equip the office of the future with the digital displays it needs to become a superior work space. Here’s how:

  1. Increased Communication in an Open Environment
    The death of the cubicle is upon us. As more companies move towards more open communication in the work space, walls are coming down and open floor-plans are in demand in corporate offices. With a large format digital display, there’s no need to bombard staff with emails across a room. Instead, put your group messaging up on a screen that everyone can see.
  2. Stay in Touch with Video Conferences and Telecommuters
    Office space has become an expensive commodity, and employers are turning to telecommute options and shared work spaces to cut down on cost and space needs, making video conferencing a main avenue for meeting communication. When hosting a video conference or having telecommuters dial in for a meeting, having a large display allows you to engage with your audience and staff “face-to-face,” even while miles or even oceans apart.
  3. Get Social with Real-Time Social Media Feeds
    More and more brands are connecting with their audiences through social media, and in turn through their employee’s social media channels. Create an office hashtag and share the feed on your digital display, or use conversations on social media from customer service or live chats to encourage your team.
  4. Save on Heat and Noise Pollution
    There’s nothing like the soft hum of a projector to lull a group meeting from a productive session to a snooze fest. A NanoLumens display produces essentially zero heat and is silent, keeping the focus on the conversation at hand and eyelids from drooping.
  5. Have Signage That’s as Green as You Are
    Offices are going green–From ample recycling to reusable coffee cups, companies are working to lighten their carbon footprint. With digital signage that’s built from reclaimed materials and almost 100% recyclable, you can rest at ease knowing that  your signage shares your environmental conscience.
  6. Show off Your Work and Your Brand 
    Static posters of previous projects, whether your an ad agency showcasing a stellar TV spot or an architect featuring your latest building,  are easy to pass by or ignore. A digital display is much more engaging and impressive for visitors, helping you to share your projects effectively and make your brand have more an impact.
  7. Improve Morale and Productivity
    As the economy recovers, your team is going to need to work to keep the talent that it has, showing employees that you care and appreciate them daily. Create an environment that’s positive and collaborative, showing your team your thanks in corporate messaging, photos from staff outings, and more on your display. Working towards a sales goal or a product launch? Show a countdown clock to your launch date, a progress chart to show how the project is going, or a real-time sales update to motivate your team.

Wonder what your company would look like if you incorporated a modern design to your commercial office? Check out the coolest offices from Inc. and Forbes and see how many of them have an open layout for better communication and involvement. With a great environment, you’ll raise your employee retention and office happiness, making your company somewhere more people want to work. Want to learn more about how to enhance your corporate space with a NanoLumens LED display? Check out our corporate solutions.

Photo via Flickr CC user ChrisJager