Infotainment is the intersection of media content or programming that combines elements of both information and entertainment, and usually contains an interactive display component. You often see it used in corporate lobbies, hospitality, themed entertainment venues, museums, or transportation hubs. It’s designed to engage and entertain the audience while also providing them with information or news in a fun way. These days, infotainment displays can be found in different platforms especially in digital signage displays utilizing dvLED. Here are examples of how to use infotainment content in each of these settings:


1. Corporate Lobbies: Consider large format videowalls for this area. dvLED displays are ideal for this application as they provide a lifespan of over 100,000 hours of 24/7 use.

Welcoming Visitors: Corporate lobbies are often the first point of contact for clients, partners, and employees. Infotainment content can be used to create a welcoming atmosphere, easing any wait times, and setting a positive tone for meetings or appointments.

Company Announcements: Digital signage screens in lobbies can display important company news, updates, and achievements. This keeps employees and visitors informed about recent developments within the organization.


2. Hospitality: Displays behind check-in counters are perfect for providing this type of content. To ensure your screen can be seen at any angle, choosing dvLED solutions for this content is beneficial as LEDs do not produce the glare that you would get with a glass surface LCD display.

Promoting Local Attractions: Infotainment content can be used to inform hotel guests about nearby restaurants, tourist attractions, and events. This enhances their stay and provides a personalized experience.

Weather Updates: Displaying weather forecasts helps guests plan their day and make informed decisions, such as whether to pack an umbrella or plan outdoor activities.


3. Themed Entertainment Venues: dvLED provides a seamless display option for guests looking for ride and event info.

Line and Ride Information: Infotainment screens near amusement park rides or attractions can display real-time wait times, ride descriptions, and interactive games to entertain guests while they wait.

Event Schedules: In theaters, stadiums, and arenas, screens can show event schedules, artist profiles, and behind-the-scenes content to enhance the overall entertainment experience.


4. Museums: Interactive displays are a great way to entertain and educate patrons. LED displays maintain color uniformity and high contracts to maintain the integrity of art or interactive displays.

Exhibit Information: Digital signage screens in museums can provide in-depth information about exhibits, artifacts, and artworks. Visitors can access multimedia content, videos, and interactive displays for a richer learning experience.

Wayfinding: Museums often have complex layouts. Infotainment screens can serve as wayfinding tools, helping visitors navigate the premises and find specific exhibits.


5. Transportation Hubs: Travelers need information displayed throughout their journey, and digital signage screens are key elements. With LED displays, signage can be any shape or size and their high brightness provides solutions for a greater range of applications and areas.

Flight and Transit Updates: Digital signage screens at airports and transportation terminals can display real-time flight information, gate changes, and public transportation schedules to keep travelers informed and reduce stress.

Advertising and Promotions: Screens can be used to display advertisements for airport services, shopping, and dining options, increasing revenue for the facility, and providing travelers with useful information.


In each of these applications, infotainment content goes beyond just information; it engages and entertains the audience, making the experience more enjoyable and enhancing communication. It serves as a versatile tool to provide essential information and create a dynamic, welcoming, and immersive environment for visitors and guests.


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