There are many variable factors when it comes to a successful dvLED videowall project. Navigating potential pitfalls is vital and it starts with one simple step: detailed drawings.

When designing a large-format LED, you are guaranteed to encounter some obstacles and one of the best ways to avoid unpleasant surprises is to have detailed drawings of your project. There are two ways we can assist you with obtaining those: our NanoDesigner tool or through our Special Projects Group.


The NanoDesigner is an online tool where you can visualize and develop the scope and scale of a project. It allows you to choose various options, display models, and environments that help you see your videowall within a specific space. You can make changes based on the architecture and design parameters and design freely with this intuitive tool. Once you’ve nailed down the design, you have the option to download the desired file output. In addition to specs, images and pdfs, volumetric engineering models like Revit and AutoCad, can be easily dropped into original designs. The tool saves engineering time and can create a fully exportable package that includes spec sheets, array configuration details with BOM and accompanying diagrams.

We have a full tutorial to help you navigate the NanoDesigner tool. Watch it here.

Special Projects Group

Another option is to work directly with our US-based Special Projects Group to help create the detailed drawings. This unique group leverages both our sales and engineering teams who collectively understand structural integrity, load testing, modes of attachment, environmental factors, thermal engineering, and human factors, and working to mitigate the risk of the design. The team then conducts site surveys to obtain precise measurements of the project and with those they create the necessary drawings needed.

If you have a project that you need help with, please let us know here.