Nanolumens’ Engage dvLED Passes Rigid Standards for Cinematic Experience for Large-Format Screens

ATLANTA, GA – November 1, 2022

Nanolumens, world-class innovators of creative dvLED displays, announced that they have received DCI certification for their Engage Series dvLED product. Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC (DCI) was created in March 2002, and is a joint venture of Disney, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal and Warner Bros. Studios. DCI’s primary purpose is to establish and document voluntary specifications for an open architecture for digital cinema that ensures a uniform and high level of technical performance, reliability, and quality control.
“We are thrilled to receive this certification from the DCI consortium for our 2.5mm Engage series. For a dvLED product to be certified it must meet the criteria for color space, brightness, security, and more Our research and development team tested all qualifications of our Engage direct view display, which garnered this coveted certification and potential opportunities for Theatre, Screening Rooms, and Exhibition projects where consistent and repeatable image quality is required.

Half of a cinematic experience is audio, and the other half is visual. Engage offers a narrow pixel pitch for up-close-and-personal viewing at its absolute finest with razor-sharp attention to details,” says Kurt DeYoung, CRO for Nanolumens.

Nanolumens’ Engage series is a reliable and long-lasting product best suited in the most critical environments to maintain content uptime. Their Nixel to Pixel Warranty coverage covers the entire display down to the pixel, ensuring the display is 100% covered.