Logitech and Nanolumens’ partnership aids in creating seamless meeting experiences and parity for workforce continuity and productivity.

As the landscape and culture of corporate environments continues to change and progresses toward enabling more work/life balance, conference and meeting rooms are no longer the primary places for team collaborations and meetings. Technology and software known as unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions are paving the way to a new workstyle and culture, with an emphasis on more collaboration and virtual face-to-face interactions. Reimagining the workplace and having parity in meetings has become the trend in our hybrid workspaces, where everyone at the table or behind their screen must be heard and seen clearly for effective communications and productivity to take place.

The partnership between Nanolumens and Logitech ensures key technology integration for this purpose, strengthening the ecosystem of both entities. Looking toward new face-to-face meeting experiences, the partnership makes certain that companies can easily set up and access the right tools so all meetings start quickly with IT interoperability, all internal and external participants can be seen and heard clearly, and engagement and genuine connections are made with in-person and remote teams. Sudeep Trivedi, Logitech’s Head of Video Collaboration Alliances and Go-To-Market, says of the partnership, “As organizations implement hybrid work strategies, they are planning to deploy immersive experiences that enhance collaboration for in-room attendees, as well as enhance engagement with remote attendees. Nanolumens LED Video Walls offer our video conferencing customers a premium option for building these engaging customer experiences.”

The integrated, proactive meeting solutions from this powerful partnership ensure business continuity and e  remote employees to increase connections and productivity in real-time with asynchronous collaboration capabilities that enhance meeting experiences. Seamless dvLED visuals can create more natural and immersive experiences, and datasets and other critical visual elements must be supported by technology that  s the connections. There are a few key elements to consider when choosing the right video conferencing display solution.

Choosing the Right Display Technology

Understand the Application and the Content
It’s not just the location – conference room, boardroom, huddle space – it’s how the space will be utilized, what platform you’re using and what content will be shared. Nanolumens offers purpose-built solutions to address business pain points and difficult workflows that arise with remote collaboration and various applications. Different room types require different canvases, as does utilizing different video conferencing platforms (Microsoft Teams , Google Meet or Zoom). Larger rooms with many remote participants may require an ultra-wide display that will create a seamless meeting experience. New ultra-wide display sizes, 21:9 and 32:9, are optimized for this type of content sharing and viewing, including the new Microsoft Front Row platform. Choosing these purpose-built solutions will ensure that your content and audience remain cohesive and will make the difference between a choppy experience and an effective one.

If you plan on using a range of different conference platforms, you also need to make sure your video service can support them. The right solution can aid in facilitating pop-up group meetings, conferences, or enterprise-wide conversations.

Make it SIMPLE
Who’s had to call in IT or a tech manager to get a meeting started? Make it simple with plug-and-play connectivity for your teams to easily deploy and manage their devices. Hybrid meetings can now be run through hand-held devices, home offices, and multiple in-office locations. One of the key benefits of video conferencing is the ability to connect people regardless of location, saving the company time and money. Utilizing exceptional video solutions that are cloud managed, have seamless set up, and are intuitive to use, makes that experience easy for any person running a meeting.

Channel Partner Plus
Complete system integration is essential for effective UCC solutions. If you want a fully unified and human-centric experience for your employees, you need to make sure your audio and visuals integrate for optimal employee engagement. Vibrant dvLED displays and video solutions that connect and integrate well will empower more effective presentations and collaborations, as well as bolster employee productivity.

The Power of Partnership
Ensuring business continuity, employee welfare, and workforce productivity are top priorities for companies of all sizes. Logitech and Nanolumens equip your teams to safely collaborate and make quick business decisions through high-quality meeting experiences from any location.

Together, the two companies fulfill their commitment to enhancing video collaboration – helping teams engage professionally and effectively, from anywhere. Nanolumens CEO, Ney Corsino, says of the partnership, “We’re excited to be part of Logitech’s alliance program. The resources and tools we offer together are a complete package, making the ever-changing workplace easier to facilitate and inspiring confidence in corporate professionals everywhere.”

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