We want to proudly announce our 2022 Annual Crystal Nixel Awards. This annual award highlights the excellence in dvLED design and creativity from some of Nanolumens’ project partners over the last year.

The Crystal Nixel Awards has been running for 7 years now. It emphasizes the importance of creativity in the design of dvLED installations and spotlights our partners who demonstrate outstanding creativity in both design and implementation of a Nanolumens LED visualization solution.

Last year the recipients of the award were the Brookfield Properties Manhattan Midtown Marketing Suite for Best Installation and Ron Clark Academy for Best Content. You can learn more about those projects in this link.

We are very proud to present the 7 amazing installations nominated. We are all excited to know who will take home this year’s Crystal Nixel awards. So, let’s take a look at our nominees.

TK Elevator
Atlanta Landmark TK Elevator landed a nomination with its state-of-the-art innovation center and campus. This collaboration with the Brand Design Division of Gensler outfitted TKE’s new 420-foot-tall innovation and Qualification Center (IQC), with digital canvases befitting the tallest elevator test tower in North America.

The TK Elevator project features an 11,000 sq ft CLRVU LED mesh display on the interior of the building, as well as a four-sided “virtual elevator”, a state-of-the-art elevator test tower, and a digital showroom inside the Innovation and Qualification Center (IQC).

Fulton County Library
Atlanta’s Fulton County Central Library garnered a nomination because of its breakthrough technology where NanoLumens collaborated with Capital Signs to produce a new four-sided dvLED Media Tower.

It is located on the northeast side of Forsyth Avenue and mimics the interlocking sculptural form of the building. A bespoke framework was built to meet the design intent for the media tower prompting a new mold used to produce our outdoor tiles and a whole new topology for structures.

State 95
95 State at City Creek lands a nomination as Salt Lake City’s newest state-of-the-art, 25-story tower that contains approximately 515,000 rentable square feet. Shen Milsom Wilke from AV Consultants designed this convex curve and is a focal piece for this building in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. This gently curved giant display used Nanolumens 2.5mm Nixel and measured 83.5w x 12.5 ft h.

Georgia Tech Library Media Bridge
Another nominee is from the Georgia Institute of Technology. “The Garden of Us”, is a new interactive experience located at the Georgia Tech Library where a large dvLED canopy “pool-like” display was designed by PRAXIS3 in collaboration with Second Story.

The Media Bridge is both functional and inspirational that provides an interactive media instrument at a major crossroads on the Georgia Tech campus. It can be programmed – or played in multiple ways including original content created by the students themselves.

Iowa State University
Iowa State University scored a nomination this year with their new beautifully appointed Stark Performance Center next to the Jack Trice Stadium complex. Competition to recruit student-athletes is intense among the Big 12 schools, so Iowa State set out to create a top-notch student athletic center complete with technology that has athletes saying, “I Will”.
Nanolumens partnered with Mechdyne to create multiple dvLED displays throughout the new complex including dvLED displays for the Locker Room, Commons Area, Press/Media room, and Lobby Stairs.

AMP Karrinyup Shopping Centre
The AMP Karrinyup Shopping Centre nails a nomination with its Timepiece display in the heart of the shopping centre. The concept was a part meeting place, part landmark, and part retail brand experience.

The timepiece consists of a four-sided clock sphere, and a double-sided pendant both utilizing dvLED. The clock is made of 2.5mm dvLED, while the pendant has a 4.7mm dvLED encased in an elegant fiberglass enclosure that rotates for maximum viewing.

Verizon Innovation Hub
The Verizon Innovation Hub in Boston was nominated for its tech-forward design. The concept for this Hub was to have a main 16:9 display that splayed out from the main display to create an industrial, deconstructed, video wall display that looked like a circuit board.

The industry has coined a phrase for this hub as “Tech-o-rating”, and indeed, the result was a very innovative design with form and functionality.

We are all excited to know who will take home this year’s coveted award. The results will be announced on September 6, 2022. So, stay tuned and visit our website and social media channels for regular updates.