Wisconsin-based Acuity Insurance is the embodiment of free market capitalism and the realization of the American dream. The property and casualty insurer is growing rapidly, operating in 25 states and managing more than $3.5 billion in assets. The company credits its success to it’s tight, family oriented culture, which seeks to engage and empower employees through ingenuity and creativity. One of the ways company leadership keeps the tight-knit culture intact is by regular town hall-style meetings with the entire company. But, with its rapid growth, Acuity now employs more than 1,200 people, making singular, company-wide meetings difficult.

Not willing to sacrifice culture for growth, Acuity’s leadership decided to build an arena for the specific purpose of bringing the company together in one place. Acuity’s CEO decided on a 2,000-seat theater-in-the-round style venue with a very small center stage and with seats being no further than 65 feet away from the speaker. The goal was to create a sense of intimacy and unity during these monthly town halls.

The theater-in-the-round design created the intimacy and feeling of togetherness that Acuity desired, but it also created additional challenges. Part of the audience was always going to be looking at the speaker’s backside. Acuity’s leadership wanted every seat to have a clear view of the speaker so that all employees remained fully engaged in the presentations. Acuity and the arena designers kicked around ideas on how to give every seat in the house a great view of the speaker, and they came up with the idea of utilizing state of the art LED displays to project a front view of the presenter, no matter which direction he or she was facing while speaking in the theater-in-the-round.

Acuity reached out to NanoLumens for help solving this challenge. And, NanoLumens responded by creating a breathtaking, five-sided pentagon-shaped LED display that hangs from the center of the arena ceiling, directly over the stage. The display is so innovative and vibrant; it catches the attention of everyone who walks into the venue. The image quality on each side of the pentagon is so crisp; employees can stay completely engaged in the presentation being delivered from the stage no matter their location within the venue.

Acuity now uses the theater for their town halls, board meetings, staff meetings, and corporate events. They use it to show off new logos and marketing content to employees, so everyone understands the direction of the company, and everyone seated in the auditorium can see the vibrant displays from any angle. The venue is an important part of maintaining Acuity’s corporate culture, and the LED displays are an integral part of delivering messages from company leadership to the rest of the organization. To find out more about the technology utilized at Acuity Insurance and the partners utilized in the installation, please download our case study Acuity Upgrades New Corporate Campus Auditorium With Unique LED Displays.

~Joe’ Lloyd
Director of Global Marketing