LED display technology is a game-changer, but in order to maximize its potential you need to be able to measure its performance. At its core, an LED display is designed to communicate with an audience, so the performance you assess will naturally be framed by the nature of that very audience. Your business has information, emotions, and behaviors that you want to impress upon and inspire within your audience, but to determine how effective your messaging is or will be, you need to grasp who exactly you are reaching out to. Who makes up your audience? 

In this webinar, the LED experts of NanoLumens and the video intelligence masterminds from AdMobilize take a deep dive into the importance of understanding and measuring your audiences, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Together, they will address their collaborative audience measurement technologies that keep display owners a step ahead of their competitors –and their consumers. The experts will explore:

• How audience measurement technology works,
• Why it is so effective,
• Where the technology will go from here,
• How business owners can incorporate it into their display networks

As a holistic data collection infrastructure for digital signage systems, AdMobilize specializes in providing display owners with actionable data-driven insights to help businesses quantify the ROI their display technology provides. Though your LED display can shine brighter than the sun, it is the integrated AdMbobilize audience analytics tools and diagnostics controls that truly guarantee you’ll never be left in the dark.