It’s the new year and everyone is looking for ways to boost revenue. Chances are, you are too. So have you thought about using digital signage in your business to boost revenue? Brands, retailers, corporations and even universities are incorporating more digital screens than ever before to add revenue streams where previously, there were none.

Here are three ways you could “go digital” and boost your revenue:

1. Add digital signage at or near the Point-of-Purchase – Because the content on digital screens can be changed quickly and easily, you can experiment with your message to consumers and perfectly tailor it in order to drive more sales, introduce new products, incentivize purchases, run “flash sales” and more. These tactics have always been around for marketers but never has it been this easy to engage your customers in such a dynamic way with instant, measurable results.

2. Use digital signage as an Ad Network – Ad revenue is king these days. TV, Web, Mobile, Outdoor – it’s all around us. What if you were able to add revenue to your bottom line by selling ads on your own digital signage network or selling your screen space to another ad network provider? The capability is there in an early stage, but I think you will start to see more services with this business model very soon.

3. Save Money – Yes, it’s true! Over time you can actually save money by using digital signage. Printing signage and marketing materials is expensive. Not only the actual printing costs, but the energy costs as well as the human capital of printing, distributing, and installing signage throughout a given year can really add up. Digital signage can keep all of that overhead to a minimum.

So as you look for more revenue , consider digital signage as a way to boost your bottom line.