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NanoLumens Recent Installs and Projects

From the stunning brilliance of our ENGAGE, Nixel, and Performance Series LED displays to the audience analytics and streaming content from the AWARE digital signage content management platform, these are the latest projects that have kept us busy and our customers engaged.

The Ashton Building at Millwork Commons

A newly renovated century-old former furniture warehouse known as the Ashton Building is the new home to multiple businesses and it's obvious from its many amenities that the developers spared no effort in honoring the building's history while embracing the future. This includes a vibrant 1.56mm 16' wide and 9' tall LED display in the lobby, courtesy of integrator AVI-SPL and NanoLumens.

Getz Theater Center of Columbia College

When it comes to architecture, few cities in the Western Hemisphere can compete with Chicago. From modern skyscrapers to historic landmarks there’s something for everyone, and when it comes to landmarks it takes a certain architectural prowess to preserve a place’s history while giving it a 21st-century facelift. The architects at Gensler did exactly this and with the help of Landmark Sign Group and some cutting edge technology from NanoLumens,


PW Cambell, a full service general construction firm with turn-key services for their clients, chose NanoLumens for eye-catching displays at two high profile financial locations.

1100 Louisiana

The crown jewel of  the new 1100 Lousiana lobby is the recently installed digital experience lobby wall, dubbed “the 1100 Experience.” The 4K LED display measures 32 feet wide by 18 feet high with a 36-foot diagonal distance, which makes it the largest commercial office indoor digital installation of its kind in downtown Houston.

Legacy Union

Called “Unify,” the 64-foot-wide by 36-foot-tall LED wall was conceived by interactive design studio Second Story, is driven by an Extron processor, and was built by NanoLumens. It is believed to be the largest native 4K LED display ever installed anywhere.

Tilt Würks Brewhouse & Casino

Tilt Würks Brewhouse & Casino in Miles City, Montana thrives on live sports, as well as bingo and trivia nights while delivering locally crafted beers in a friendly atmosphere. As college basketball’s March Madness approached in 2019, Tilt Würks owner Denis Leidholt leveraged the occasion to upgrade the location’s main but out-of-date projection system with a more efficient and eye-popping fine pitch 2.5mm LED display from market leader NanoLumens.

Ark Encounter

The Ark Encounter in Kentucky is unlike any other theme park on the planet, letting visitors walk inside a life-size model of Noah’s famous ark from the Bible’s flood account. The most memorable single attraction in the Answers Center, however, might just be the awe-inspiring 70-foot-wide by 22-foot-tall, 4mm pixel pitch NanoLumens LED display that creates a digital backdrop across the entire presentation stage.

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