NanoLumens Partner Program Defined

The NanoLumens Partner Program is designed to enable all of our partners, dealers, and integrators to reach their full potential with LED installations and visualization solutions around the world. We provide the tools, resources, financial incentives, and an industry-leading 6 year warranty for business development, communications, marketing, and technical support that will ensure success in every opportunity.

Award Winning Products, Solutions, and Channel Tools

Our comprehensive partner channel streamlines the process of designing, purchasing, and integrating an LED display solution.

Industry-leading Service, Support, and Warranty

Our industry-leading warranty protects your display down to the diode. Pixels may fail you; NanoLumens never will.

Extensive Training and Certifications Through AIA

NanoLumens takes support seriously. We offer extensive training programs to familiarize partners with our technology.

Marketing Support And Collateral to Help Close More Deals

NanoLumens delivers the diverse skill set of our entire marketing operation to help our partners close more deals.

Benefits of the NanoLumens Partner Program

The NanoLumens Partner Program nurtures a cooperative trust and partnership with the ultimate goal of fortifying existing end-user relationships and generating future revenue growth opportunities in verticals such as retail, OOH, higher education, houses of worship, casinos & gaming, transportation, federal systems, and sports & arenas.

TerritoryBusiness Development
Joey Commander: 678.263.3096
Patrick Jackson: 678.400.6673
Patrick Jackson: 678.400.6673
Larry O’Hagan: 678.400.6678
CanadaJoey Commander: 678.263.3096
InternationalBrett Farley: 678.999.2058
Special ProjectsBrett Farley: 678.999.2058
6 Year Warranty

6 Year Nixel™ to Pixel Warranty

DID YOU KNOW: NanoLumens provides an industry-leading Six Year Warranty. We’re serious about our products and stand behind them.

6 Year Warranty

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