Architects shape the world around us, and their visions are constantly evolving. Large format digital signage is a major component of modern buildings and public spaces, and it’s our responsibility to provide useful information and training to the professionals who create these spaces.

We know that transforming concepts into a reality takes a lot of knowledge and expertise. And we also understand that when it comes to keeping design ideation fresh and promote successful projects, continuing education is vital.  That’s why we’ve developed certified courses to be offered through the American Institute of Architects’ Continuing Education System.

Our goal is to help the community and provide Architects with the tools they need to implement effective digital signage into their designs. “We’re in a new era of ‘digital placemaking’ where almost every major, compelling implementation of large-format AV, especially LED displays, are highly integrated into the design of the building by architects, engineers and interiors architects.  Gone are the days of handing off the highly impactful, visible parts of the AV design scope to sub-contract and/or delegated design.  We want the AEC community to understand the mass-customization potential of LED displays and start to think about utilizing this technology as a flexible, dynamic and also durable material finish.  That is why we offer these training courses as well as BIM families and web-based design tools that can be used to rapidly iterate within the design degrees-of-freedom.” Director of Strategic Projects Dan Rossborough who leads the AEC-Special Projects Group.

There’s more to LED display technology than meets the eye, which is why our certified AIA courses will take you through the ins and outs of everything you need to know. There are two courses offered in our continuing education platform that you can choose from, namely:

LED Display Canvases for Airport Wayfinding, Information Displays (IDS), Placemaking, and Art in Public Places

In this course, participants will be presented with various digital signage applications, ranging from simple FIDS, BIDS, and RIDS displays, to iconic large-format public art and sculptural installations.

They will also learn about infrastructure impact and requirements for successful LED display design and integration, including the use of sustainable materials and efficient electronic systems, and unique structural and material breakdown.

Participants will also learn the context of how they are initiated and funded, designed into the existing or new structure, installation requirements, and support requirements.

Media Architecture – Creative Technologies for Digital Placemaking and Design of Immersive Experiences

These days creative technologies, specifically large-format direct-view LED display technology, are being utilized worldwide as a compelling visual medium for the creation of engaging, inspiring, and socially connected environments.

And in this course, architects will learn the variations of this technology and how they can use it for indoor or outdoor applications, ranging from small-format signage to building-scale media facades. They will see different examples ranging from variations from digital experiences in corporate briefing centers, flagship retail, and education facilities, to video activations of glass curtain walls in mixed-use developments, to iconic large-format public art canvases and immersive sculptural “digital placemaking” installations in transportation hub facilities.

The course will also elaborate on how the design of these systems is integrated within the architectural design process through pre-contract and post-contract design development support, how they are physically installed into new or existing construction, the associated facility impacts, and ongoing support requirements.

Aside from the two free courses, we also offer LED LEVEL UP Technical Training where participants learn about basic product specifications, hardware basics, control system software concepts, and post-sale/install services. Check out our Continue Education page here and reach out with any questions you might have!

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