An LED display is a magical piece of technology, but it is only as good as the content it displays. This new messenger is a tool for your business to convey information, inspire emotions, incite wonderment and of course, encourage actions – whether that be awareness or sales. All businesses taking the step to deploy a digital installation ought to be well-versed in the process of content creation.

Join the teams of MaxMedia and NanoLumens as they dive in on the core concepts of creating great content. From the world-class technology to world-class color; they will explain how with LED display content, you get back what you put into it. From the experts that brought you the 1 Powell Street AT&T location, this knowledgeable panel will walk through the three fundamental steps involved in creating an effective LED solution:

• Creating a smart content strategy,
• Building a superlative display to support that strategy,
• Creating and delivering exceptional content to your viewers.