When walking into the lobby of your corporate headquarters, what are people met with? Do they see the drab interior of an aging building? If so, they’ll subconsciously assume the building is inhabited by a drab and aging company. That dour first impression will turn off new visitors, depress everyday employees, and fail to intrigue any passersby from without the building. The importance of a first impression has been covered at length by countless studies but what it takes to make a great first impression as a business has evolved faster than the standards for interpersonal interactions. While individuals simply need to be polite, prepared, and engaging, a business needs to immediately make clear the driving ethos behind its performance. For leading firms today, that means showing off a commitment to innovation in ways that gel with modern corporate design trends. To that end, there may be no more fitting endeavor than to integrate large-format video walls.

For one, innovation requires a mental phase shift and LED display tech quite literally provides audiences with a new way of looking at things. For another, the slim design and malleable contours of a NanoLumens video wall grants you the ability to create a dramatic visual art feature without compromising the open flooring or architectural idiosyncrasies of your space. An LED display will also allow you to mix the textures in your space, heightening sensory engagement among viewers who see contrasts like cold granite juxtaposed with dynamic digital content. Guests, employees, and passersby alike will be impressed with how smoothly your LED display amplifies the beauty of your lobby space and the impression will color their long-term opinion of your company.

Video Walls Give Visitors an Impressive First Impression

Your company surely relies on its reputation to help generate business. This reputation relies on repeatedly making excellent first impressions with guests, clients, and partners visiting your facility. Companies have learned that the most cost-effective and spatially efficient way of doing so is with LED display technology. Energetic corporate leaders like the UFC, Scripps Networks, and Telstra have each installed a NanoLumens video wall in their headquarters lobby that immediately engages and delights guests. The positive experience these visitors have with the display features naturally carries over to impact the business they conduct during their stay on site. Companies of this stature understand that the business they conduct is requires the utmost attention to detail, so it only makes sense they’d take the necessary steps to impress visitors right as they enter their lobby.

Inspire Employees with Tangible Innovations

While seeing a NanoLumens video wall for the first time will surely leave a lasting impression on visitors to your lobby, these guests are of course not the only audience. Employees too will have their outlooks colored by the dazzling display feature and maintaining their morale is equally important. Employees at big corporations detached from the day to day application of their firm’s products or services need to care about what they are doing in order to work passionately, and they need to know that the company cares, too. If the beliefs driving your company involve innovation, the way to demonstrate those beliefs to your employees is by investing in technology that demonstrates it tangibly. Employees want proof that the values they signed on to support are actually being applied in practice. Integrating LED display technology into your lobby to greet your employees every morning will reinforce their commitment to your company and your company’s ideals.

Project Your Company to Passersby

Guests and employees will be the ones given the most exposure to your display feature, but any pedestrian walking past your building might also catch a glimpse. Though not directly engaged with your business at that time, perhaps seeing such a dazzling sight will influence their opinion of your firm moving forward. Perhaps they’ll be impressed, and they’ll share their experience with others. An installation that does this better than any other can be found at the Aon Center in Chicago, where they blanketed an entire lobby wall with LED display technology. Pedestrians walking past the Aon Center can see the dazzling display through giant glass panels so despite not even being in the building they are still reached by its impact.

Leading companies need to be lots of things to lots of different people. They need to make a powerful first impression on visitors. They need to engender lasting inspiration within their employees. And they need to project their values outward to those unassociated with the firm. These disparate goals can each be furthered by using state-of-the-art video walls to reenergize your lobby. After all, it’s the first thing audiences will see. To see how many of the world’s most innovative companies have integrated LED tech into their headquarters spaces, click here.