The AWARE® Platform

The AWARE® Platform

NanoLumens AWARE®

AWARE is a hardware based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) display management ecosystem that gives you an unparalleled advantage in the digital world. AWARE combines your display diagnostics and support functions with content management services and a robust audience measurement platform giving you a complete view to effectively communicate with your audience. AWARE’s ability to integrate, augment and enhance incumbent 3rd party solutions, interactive content, live video feeds, and advanced sensors means your displays will remain as effective tomorrow as they are today.


Media Player

Great content is like the art inside a museum. With the NanoLumens AWARE built in media player, you get the ease of a cloud software with content scheduling and proof of play reporting.

The NanoLumens AWARE platform also has built in “ready to go” content sources including weather, news, sports, social media and also has HTML5 capabilities.

3rd Party Applications

NanoLumens AWARE allows for the rapid deployment of enterprise grade software to your display from any device and location in the world.

Business goals and requirements are changing often, the rapid deployment option of the NanoLumens AWARE platform allows you and are team the opportunity to move as swiftly as your CMO.

NOC & Diagnostic Support

NanoLumens AWARE enables Remote Management and Diagnostics at the touch of a button allowing for the enterprise management of EVERY display in your NanoLumens network or LCDs from anywhere, on any device. Users will have a single dashboard for real-time diagnostics and easy management including:

• See all displays on a single dashboard
• Drill down to a specific display to see more information about that individual device
• Remote view any of your displays in real time
• Proactive notifications in real time to maximize content delivery

Sensor & Analytics

The NanoLumens AWARE platform allows for easy integration to environmental sensor hardware like cameras, beacons and Wi-Fi for a clearer understanding of your audience and how they react to your message.

Imagine getting to know the customer standing before you through smart beacons that can identify, likes, age and even recent purchase history. Now imagine personalizing your content for 1 to 1 or a 1 to many relationship. The options are limitless and NanoLumens AWARE makes it possible.