Video Wall Benefits and Solutions

A video wall consists of multiple computer or television monitors tiled or overlapped to form what appears to be one large screen. Common display technologies used include Direct View LED arrays, LCD panels, and rear projection systems. This setup typically results in thick divider lines, or bezels, that can significantly reduce the video wall’s viewable area. Though some monitor manufacturers have taken steps to reduce them, it is impossible to completely eliminate them. At the end of the day, these multiple screen setups still look like several TVs stacked on top of each other.

The History of Video Walls

Video walls were developed in the early 1980s. The monitors were often televisions or CRTs, making the gap between the screens very noticeable. “Image splitting,” a technique that used an even number of monitors to show pieces of a single image or message was adequate at best but important parts of that image or message were often missing because of the thickness of the bezels. The technology slowly improved through the 90s and early 2000s but one aspect remained constant: Bezels, no matter how thin, were simply distracting.

The One-Screen Video Wall Solution

NanoLumens’ industry-leading video wall solutions feature a wide range of different sizes and resolutions with patented true curved video wall technology. These seamless, ultra-fine pitch direct view LED video walls have ZERO bezels and the slimmest installation depths. NanoLumens’ innovative LED video wall solutions are specifically designed to deliver precise and brilliant visual messages in the world’s most demanding environments–from control rooms to digital signage and architectural applications. Don’t leave your display solution to just any company.  Download our free white paper for the NanoLumens difference.


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Why NanoLumens? True Curved Technology!

NanoLumens is the only company to patent truly curved technology. With a broad range of additional patents in hand and numerous patent applications pending, we remain committed to innovation and developing new solutions for our customers and the AV industry.

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