“Hybrid workplace” seems like the new buzz word that popped up during the pandemic, however the move towards remote and hybrid work was happening long before then.  As individuals continue to strive toward a work-life balance, many businesses have been adapting work schedules for remote work opportunities to accommodate those requests. However, when the pandemic became a global issue, businesses had to quickly overcome a myriad of challenges, from providing the right tools to managing productivity for an absent workforce. After a few months into the pandemic and as employees and employers adjusted to the “new normal”, it was clear that there was no going back. Individuals within organizations are now working across large geographic distances on what seems like an infinite number of devices that are running on a variety of operating systems, software releases, and applications.

Today’s hybrid workplace must be implemented strategically, taking advantage of technologies and connective strategies. The technology and software known as unified communications and collaboration (UCC), plays a key role in integrating workplace communication with real-time, asynchronous collaboration capabilities. To increase connection and productivity, UCC unifies the numerous techniques utilized in individual unified communications (UC) and collaboration solutions and makes them accessible through a single interface.

By using UCC tools, tasks like brainstorming, virtual meetings, and peer feedback can be made easier. With widely accessible communication services that span different geographic locations, businesses can also benefit more from remote recruiting and allowing international staff to communicate easily in real-time.


Benefits of UCC solutions include:

  • Ultra-wide, 21:9 aspect ratio displays create a more natural and immersive experience for the user. Humans have a natural horizontal field of view of about 210 degrees of peripheral vision, so Ultra-wide displays deliver more engaging, immersive content and fit applications like Microsoft Teams Front Row
  • Ultrawide displays help mimic long boardroom tables, versus a tiled conference call vertical dashboard., providing an enhanced user experience and customer satisfaction.
  • Wider displays allow presenters to collaborate with whiteboards and notepads, as well as touchscreens.
  • More pixels (about 33% more) provides a clearer and seamless canvas, making it a reliable way to have meetings or video calls without difficulty in viewing reports or presentations.
  • Providing higher accessibility and efficiency for workers from different locations and with different devices to collaborate in a single space.
  • Less need for travel and IT expenditures results in lower operating costs.
  • Facilitate teamwork more easily because ultra-wide displays are compatible with Microsoft Teams Front row (MTR) (21:9) and Zoom (32.9) applications so your team can create and edit documents together, provide feedback seamlessly and quickly, and communicate plans effectively.


UCC Solution Examples


Many companies have discovered that UCC solutions can enable teams to collaborate efficiently and smoothly by using tools like instant messaging, file sharing, and video conferencing. Product creation, operational effectiveness, client and customer satisfaction, and productivity, can all benefit greatly from this. Video conferencing needs both great audio and visuals for maximum efficiency and UCC tools help achieve this goal.


Healthcare professionals can convert a phone call into a web conference to swiftly evaluate patient information and data, and easily share it with other medical professionals. With the use of presence awareness, staff members can see other online users, determine a doctor’s availability and exchange, and collaborate on patient data to address time sensitive cases. Patient care is critical, so using displays that offer both high-resolution and a wide color gamut is essential when analyzing patient reports.


Teachers can use UCC solutions to hold live, streaming classes, enable whiteboarding for professors and student participation and engagement, instantly distribute documents and assignments, and make materials available on demand. Education technology is key to high academic achievement.

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