Digital Displays & the Military: The Perfect Joint Forces Agreement

Digital Displays & the Military: The Perfect Joint Forces Agreement

The military demands accuracy in all of its technology. After all, life and death decisions are often on the line. But in today’s military environment, commanders are often forced to use projectors when training and instructing in military facilities, showing service members images in low resolution while making them sit in the dark. It’s not easy to take notes or read handouts when there is no light in the room.  And, if the projector fails, then entire demonstration comes to a screeching halt.

A much better solution for C4I, or command, control, computers, communications and intelligence, is the implementation of LED displays. At NanoLumens, our displays offer incredibly high resolution due to our super fine pixel pitch. And if a pixel burns out, it’s no big deal. The entire system keeps running, and swapping out a broken pixel is easy. Because of this flexibility, our digital displays are highly reliable. That’s we have the confidence to offer the industry’s most comprehensive warranty – six years of coverage, down to the pixel.

In addition, NanoLumens digital displays are agnostic, meaning they can work with any existing system or platform. It’s the truest meaning of “plug and play.” Any military division or branch that utilizes our displays won’t have to invest in a new platform or software package to make the new technology work.

All of NanoLumens products are designed and manufactured in the USA. That means all western militaries can buy with confidence that all technology purchased from NanoLumens are secure and are built by proud, patriotic American workers. Since our products are American designed, assembled and supported, our products qualify for the Buy American Act and the Trade Agreements Act.  NanoLumens maintains certificates of volatility required by the Defense Security Service.

NanoLumens is the perfect solution for military and defense organizations because we have a deep understanding of what militaries need and what’s important to the mission. We have a proud history with the United States Armed Forces. Our CEO, Rick Cope served as a fighter pilot and combat commander in the Marines, and held several positions including serving General Schwarzkopf directly during the Gulf War and heading up projects at DARPA. Our ranks are filled with Soldiers and Sailors, retired or still serving in the Reserves or National Guard. We are proud to offer our innovative, world-class display technology to our friends serving in the Military today and consider it an honor to do so. To find out how NanoLumens can partner with your military technology needs, please click here.

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