The Dawn of Digital Display Freedom

The Dawn of Digital Display Freedom

Not that long ago, the world of digital display design was populated mainly by architects competing to build the biggest and best box. Think of just about any government building in Washington, DC, and you get the picture. My rectangle is bigger than your rectangle. And the digital display industry largely came of age during this period.  So, it’s no surprise that most manufacturers of digital displays build, what else, but rectangles.

Architects have been boxed in (pardon the pun) by having to accommodate giant rectangles when making room in their designs for digital displays. This limitation really started to chafe at designers at the dawn of the new millennium, when architects threw away the cube and re-embraced beauty, artistry, and form.  Instead of giant boxes, the buildings of the current era undulate with curves, creativity, individualism, and rounded corners. World capitals like Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai, and New York are now alive with the profiles of this modern architectural era.

The Digital Displays Architects and Designers Deserve

The designers of today deserve digital displays that compliment their vision and artistry, no matter if the shape required is a cylinder, sphere, free-form wave, or yes, even a rectangle. That’s what we do here. No matter whether an architect’s vision is well defined or ephemeral, we give them the freedom to design as they choose, and the engineers at NanoLumens fill in the gaps.

The reality of today’s world is that designers are clamoring for what can be best described as digital wallpaper. We build a rigid structure of any size, shape, or curvature required, and we wrap it with a LED skin.

When we talk to architects about this level of freedom, at first, they are often confused. This level of flexibility isn’t typical. In fact, we’re out here on our own private island of liberation in the digital display space. But, once they comprehend what we are telling them, and they understand that there is another way to incorporate digital displays into their designs, their creative juices really start to flow.

NanoLumens approach to digital display is all about freedom — freedom for designers to design and have the technology fit into their vision, rather than have to fit the design around the technology.

Today’s newest generation of designers are expecting this. Budding millennial architects believe this level of freedom is normal and rudimentary. This sense of liberation with form is spreading like wildfire within today’s design community. Each free form design builds on the next, and the creative process is accelerating, as designs become audacious.

To find out if our technical specs are fit for your next design, please download a data sheet here.

~Dan Rossborough – CTS/DSDE
Director, Strategic Projects

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