Once a company has reached a certain size, its employees are specialized to such a degree that they may not be interacting directly with the products or services the company provides. Perhaps those tangible outputs are what inspired them to work for you in the first place, but the more durable source of motivation is of course not what a company makes, but why. Consumers are loyal to brands because they believe these brands further ideals that align with their own. Employees work the same way. To inspire impassioned productivity from your employees, especially as a larger corporation, you need to provide your workforce with proof that a greater mission is underway. For a growing number of companies either directly or tangentially involved in the broader tech industry, the way they are accomplishing this is by integrating corporate lobby LED display features into their headquarters space.

There are few technologies that show a more physical commitment to digital innovation than corporate lobby LED display solutions. After all, LED display tech is a tool that quite literally provides audiences with a new way of looking at things. An apt illustration of this dynamic can be found in the regional corporate headquarters for a major Fortune 500 company in New York, where the financial services giant installed a display feature that extends beyond a traditional floor-to-ceiling display to include both the floor and the ceiling. The immersive installation gives audiences the experience of being surrounded by the digital collision of information and architecture. The display is stunning; the experience of being enveloped by it, even more so. In their own words, this corporation strives to improve lives and economies around the world by connecting consumers, businesses, and banks. This mission to network the different levels of commerce requires thinking differently, and using the power of technology to create new connections. The LED display solution mirrors this commitment. It demonstrates that they cares so much about thinking innovatively that they will pay to create a fully digital room just to spark new ideas.

Large businesses need figurative buy-in from their employees in order to get literal buying from their customers. Employees at big corporations detached from the day to day application of their firm’s products or services need to care about what they are doing in order to work passionately, and they need to know that the company cares, too. If the beliefs driving your company involve innovation, the way to demonstrate those beliefs to your employees –and consumers- is by investing in technology that inspires innovation. These days, there aren’t many solutions that achieve that more effectively than LED displays. To see how other corporations have integrated corporate lobby LED display tech into their headquarters spaces, click here.

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