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NanoLumens Weekly Insights on Digital Signage and the AV Industry

Read weekly updates on all things related to NanoLumens, video walls, digital signage trends, and the AV Industry.

Smarter than SMART Boards: How Universities Use LED Video Walls to Engage Students Outside The Classroom

Today’s most innovative schools have recognized that if they want to get students to look away from the screen on their lap or in their hand, you need to offer an even better one. For many of these schools, the display technology they are turning to is large-format LED.

First! How McCarran Raises Revenues by Targeting Vegas Visitors With LED Displays Right Upon Arrival

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is the gateway to one of the most luxurious cities in the world. Spurred by studies showing consumers engage more thoroughly with digitally delivered ads than with static content, McCarran and their signage partner, Lamar Advertising, recognized an opportunity for a technological overhaul in their airport environment.

LED Video Walls as Destinations

Event organizers understand if you want to gather people from the community together, you need to provide something that draws them in. With increasing frequency and creativity, communities are choosing large-format LED video walls to serve as their attractions. To figure out why social venues are opting for LED, let’s take a look at two particular NanoLumens installations that have reshaped their surrounding environments and energized their communities.

InfoComm19 Recap: Others Learn to Embrace Direct-View LED, but We’ve Been Here All Along

The 2019 edition of the InfoComm show and conference is in the books. According to AVIXA, the InfoComm show attracted over 44,000 registered attendees on site to see some 950 exhibitors. One of the coolest figures from the show was that 40% of attendees were under the age of 40, an exciting indicator of the growing youth movement in the industry.

NanoLumens Latest White Paper Explores How Dynamic LED Signage Transforms Modern Airports

Longtime leaders in the LED visualization space, particularly within airports, NanoLumens has just released a new white paper that delves beyond the broad, surface-level utility of dynamic signage in airport spaces to explore several more specialized purposes for which many of the world’s top airports have strategically deployed their dynamic signage assets. “The Role of Dynamic Signage in an Evolving Airport Environment” highlights exemplary digital signage use cases from JFK International, Toronto Pearson International, Changi International, and many other global hubs that serve as guiding inspiration for future airports looking to use digital technology.

Optimizing Dead Space with Creative Mounting

We’ve written in the past about how sports stadiums are using digital displays to maximize their ubiquitous dead spaces to reach audiences in unusual places, but there are innovators in other venues doing the same. Let’s take a look at a few of these organizations who have placed their displays in unusual locations to bring their dead space back to life.

Immersive Storytelling within Enveloping Digital Environments

The most effective way to get an audience to care about a story is to make them feel like they are a part of it. As younger, more digitally fluent generations age into the population, forward-thinking corporations have integrated digital display solutions into their spaces to connect with clients, employees, and guests who expect to see screens everywhere they go. These companies are not just installing run-of-the-mill displays though. They are creating entire environments enveloped by displays, effectively immersing viewers into a digital landscape.

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