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NanoLumens Weekly Insights on Digital Signage and the AV Industry

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Darker Darks are the Key to LED Contrast Ratios

In attempting to digitally recreate real life on a screen, one of the most important metrics to consider is contrast ratio, which the National American Standards Institute lays out as “the absolute difference in luminance between the peak white and black levels” of a display. While resolution, pixel pitch, and color space receive more attention from digital display customers and manufacturers alike, overall picture quality might actually be more dependent on contrast ratio. The reason contrast ratio is such a crucial determinant in image quality is because distinct elements of an image only stand out relative to their surroundings. If a display is unable to accurately differentiate the brightness of those surroundings from the brightness of the distinct image element in question, the resulting on-screen picture will fail to resemble true life.

Defining Distance: Pixel Pitch vs. Fill Ratio

There are two ways to measure the space between pixels and each tell their own story. The first is pixel pitch, a common specification listed early in the description of any digital display product. The second is fill ratio, the less common of the two metrics and one that only you’ll find listed much lower on any given spec sheet. Understanding the difference between these two specifications is crucial to identifying which display is best for your needs.

OLED (and Other Things): A Series of Questions Asked and Answered Concerning LED and OLED

LED, LCD, ULED, OLED, HDR, DLP, AV. This alphabet soup can get confusing if you aren’t immersed in the terminology on a day to day basis and one of the most common mix ups occurs with the phrases LED and OLED. Let’s clear up some of this confusion by asking and answering some questions about these evolving display types.

Seen at CEDIA 2019

You may have missed it but the CEDIA 2019 show took place earlier this month, bringing together thousands of home technology professionals and hundreds of exhibitors for a weeklong expo. For those unable to make the trip out to Denver for this year’s show, I’d like to share a few of my takeaways from what proved to be a thought-provoking experience.

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