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NanoLumens Weekly Insights on Digital Signage and the AV Industry

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Seen at CEDIA 2019

You may have missed it but the CEDIA 2019 show took place earlier this month, bringing together thousands of home technology professionals and hundreds of exhibitors for a weeklong expo. For those unable to make the trip out to Denver for this year’s show, I’d like to share a few of my takeaways from what proved to be a thought-provoking experience.

Function over Form: The Origins of Servicizing

Large-format digital displays have never been things to simply unbox and hang on the wall, but for decades this was how many manufacturers did business. Under that model, sale of the product was all that mattered. Fortunately for consumers, this short-sighted perception is finally being discarded as manufacturers acknowledge the relative value of product-function has overtaken product-ownership in the hierarchy of consumers’ minds. The selling of product-functions rather than the products themselves is called “servicizing.”

Smarter than SMART Boards: How Universities Use LED Video Walls to Engage Students Outside The Classroom

Today’s most innovative schools have recognized that if they want to get students to look away from the screen on their lap or in their hand, you need to offer an even better one. For many of these schools, the display technology they are turning to is large-format LED.

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